Malorie Warren

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November: Malorie Warren
Malorie Warren
Embracing the roles of both single working mother and a college student, Malorie Warren of Bloomington, Illinois, has overcome incredible odds and is dedicated to helping high-risk children find the resources they need to create a better life.

Olivier falling New Balance challenge Homeless and a single mother at 17 years old, Malorie reached out to Project Oz, a nonprofit organization that empowers homeless young adults through counseling, housing placement, job training and continuing education efforts. At that time, Project Oz enrolled Malorie in a summer job and transitional living program, offering support for her basic needs and a place for Malorie and her daughter, Deanna, to stay.

Four years later, Malorie works at State Farm Insurance Company, attends business school part-time, and is planning to use her experiences to help other young women reach their full potential as a representative of Project Oz. Hers is a true success story. Malorie now sits on the advisory board for the same transitional living program that helped her years ago.

Today, Malorie is dedicated to helping youth across America by providing a voice for those who struggle. She recently spoke at the National Pathways to Adulthood Conference, which influences policy for other homeless youth programs, including those run by the Federal Youth Service Bureau. She has also been invited to sit on The University of Oklahoma's National Youth Advisory Council.