Elizabeth Johnston

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January 4: Elizabeth Johnston

Elizabeth Johnston; Founder of Mothers Of Military Support (MOMS)

Family in the military: Her son
When MOMS was founded: 2003
What Elizabeth used to start the organization: The money she had in savings
Next project: Creating an online community for MOMS

Mothers Of Military Support (MOMS) was founded by Elizabeth Johnston after she learned her son was being deployed to war. Struggling to stay strong, Elizabeth listened intently to what her son had to say. As he sat next to her, he explained that he and his fellow Marines were not afraid to fight for this country nor were they afraid to die for this country. Their true concerns were that when they returned, an angry nation of people would be waiting for them, repeating history of the Vietnam War era. Elizabeth then vowed to support our service members unconditionally.

In February 2003, she used the money she had in savings and started operating out of her home, printing thousands of postcards with her story and thoughts on how to support the troops. The initial goal was to send 100,000 BAC (Because American's Care) packs.

As time progressed, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations were received and shipped, this not-for-profit organization started taking on a life of its own and became Mothers Of Military Support.

Even though her son has since been deployed and returned home, Elizabeth feels that all the troops are family and will continue upholding the values that founded MOMS by providing high-quality, compassionate and comprehensive services to as many military personnel and their families as possible.

MOMS supports troops, veterans and their families by sending comfort kits, as well as taking care of other necessities like paying utilities and purchasing sets of tires, clothing and groceries for seasoned vets, current military and their families. The organization offers a wide range of additional services that includes hosting a talk show called "Military Soup," which provides helpful information for soldiers and their families.

MOMS is currently expanding their online Internet presence so they can provide service members and their families with access to an online community.