Cynthia Stafford

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July 24: Cynthia Stafford
Cynthia Stafford, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur and Board Member of Geffen Playhouse Home: Los Angeles, CA Family: Foster mom to five kids — she adopted her nieces and nephews from foster care Lucky break: Won over $100 million in the lottery

Cynthia Stafford is a dynamic and proud entrepreneur, philanthropist and mom of five. She focuses her efforts on empowerment in both education — particularly in children with special needs — and women's rights, with a global agenda of ventures and causes she both endows and capitalizes. Her Stafford Family Trust is proud to support the Geffen Playhouse and its agenda for community outreach.

Ms. Stafford is the founder of Queen Nefertari Productions and develops projects for television and the expanding mobile media markets. She is currently realizing a long time vision as one of the producers of newZonia.com: a global internet portal that retails philanthropy, which will launch worldwide in the coming year. This unique venture features a micro-economy that generates large resources for common global causes such as poverty, health care, the environment and education. It reaches across borders using creativity and the arts to connect mankind and move the model of 'charity' toward empowerment on a grand scale. Ms. Stafford, a true humanitarian and visionary, has dedicated her life to betterment of our world through people and the creation of opportunities so they can explore and excel at their dreams.