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January 30: Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown, Founder and CEO, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Age: 51 Hometown: Chicago, IL Education: Emerson College Fun fact: One of Bobbi's Bronze Shimmer Bricks is sold somewhere in the world every minute! Passion: Using makeup to help spread awareness about women's heart health.

She started a makeup revolution in 1991 with a handful of lipsticks and a simple philosophy: Women want to look and feel like themselves, only prettier and more confident. Makeup artist Bobbi Brown's dream was realized when she debuted her line of cosmetics, just 10 brown-based lipsticks, at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City. With this set of lipsticks, a woman could create an infinite number of wearable shades, just by mixing and blending them. Her lipsticks quickly gained a strong following first among beauty insiders, then women everywhere, and Bobbi's career took off. Today, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics can be found throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Bobbi's love affair with makeup started at an early age when she discovered her mother's collection of cosmetics: "My mom always intrigued and inspired me with her glamour and her beauty rituals." Driven by her passion, Bobbi went on to learn the art of theatrical makeup at Emerson College in Boston, then headed for New York City to work as a professional makeup artist.

She tackled the challenges that face any novice in her industry — building a portfolio from scratch, making contacts — but her biggest frustration was the lack of flattering makeup products. It was impossible to find makeup that looked good on the skin. "I almost always had to 'fix' the products I bought, blending shades together until I got something that looked natural," she says.

A chance meeting with a chemist at a magazine photo shoot changed everything: "I had the idea to create a lipstick that didn't smell, wasn't dry or greasy, and looked like lips, only better — and I told the chemist about it." The chemist made the lipstick following Bobbi's exacting specifications and the result was Brown Lip Color, a pinky-brown shade. Nine other brown-based lipstick shades followed soon after, and Bobbi's set of lipsticks was complete.

Take one look at her line today and it's clear that Bobbi's mission remains the same — to give women options. Her skin tone-correct foundations, concealers and powders complement complexions rather than making them look unnaturally pink. Her shades for eyes, cheeks and lips run the gamut from naturally subtle to high impact. And her tools and accessories strike the perfect balance between form and function. As a working makeup artist, entrepreneur, wife and mother of three, Bobbi's approach strikes a chord with consumers: It's about achieving and maintaining balance, cultivating a positive outlook and loving yourself the way you are. "The secret to beauty is simple — be who you are," says Bobbi.

Why Bobbi Supports Healthy Hearts She's a makeup artist, but she wants all women to get to the heart of the matter and find out just how deep beauty can go. That's why Bobbi is participating in The Heart Truth's Red Dress fashion show to make sure everyone knows that heart disease is the #1 killer of women, but that it's also preventable. Every woman needs to know about heart disease — be part of the movement to increase awareness and decrease risk. Take part in National Wear Red Day and find out more about The Heart Truth.