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Girls Around the World Submit Verse for Poetry Book

by Nbyrne Thu., Apr. 19, 2012 ,5:21 pm EDT

She’s the First, a non-profit organization that mobilizes social media to advocate for girls’ education worldwide, releases its first book of poetry, "If the World Were My Classroom" in partnership with acclaimed poet Azure Antoinette.

In honor of National Poetry Month, the inaugural Voice Your Verse fundraiser celebrated the launch with readings from acclaimed poets as well as students, and a performance by singer-songwriter Diane Birch.

The poetry fundraiser is the culmination of a three-month campaign over social media asking girls around the world “If the world were your classroom, what would you teach a girl?” More than 7,000 turned their answer into verse and submitted for possible inclusion in the anthology, which is now available.

All proceeds from book sales will go directly to sponsor girls’ education programs in developing nations.

Visit She’s the First to order your copy of the book.