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Army Wives tackles the important issue of HIV and children

by Nbyrne Tue., Apr. 3, 2012 ,8:09 pm EDT

This week’s episode of Army Wives addressed HIV and children, an important issue affecting 1,000 children every day.

Recently characters Lieutenant Colonel Joan Burton and Roland adopted an HIV-positive son named David; and in this special episode, they respond to the difficulties and stigma that David faces at school and in the community.

Pediatric HIV is still very much an issue here at home, and HIV-positive children deal with a host of difficult issues – ranging from taking their medications to discrimination.

Actress Wendy Davis, who plays Lieutenant Colonel Joan Burton says, “My experience playing Joan has encouraged me to join the global movement to support families affected by HIV everywhere. I applaud the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and their tireless efforts to prevent pediatric HIV infection and end pediatric AIDS.”

Read the exclusive Huffington Post blog written by Army Wives cast member Wendy Davis.

Created in partnership with the Elizabeth Glaser Foundation, visit the Army Wives resources page to read real-life personal accounts from children and families dealing with HIV.

Watch Episode 6, “Viral” here.

Join A Mothers Fight to learn how you can help mothers around the world who will do anything to keep their children healthy and safe.