An Interview with David Charvet


You know David Charvet from his roles on mega-popular television dramas like “Baywatch” and “Melrose Place,” and from strolls down the red carpet with fiancée Brooke Burke. Now you can see him like never before, as caring and eye-catching teacher Jim, victimized by a beautiful student who will stop at nothing until they are together. David told myLifetime why the role suited him and also talked about his future wedding, his “Baywatch” co-stars and what he’s been devoting his time to since 1997.

Read the interview, and check out his starring role in “The Perfect Teacher” original movie!

In “The Perfect Teacher,” you play an educator, Jim, dealing with an obsessed student. Is there anything about that role that you can relate to?

I had never played a teacher before. I have played roles where women were obsessed with me; never someone that was younger than me, so that was definitely different. I did a movie of the week with Susan Lucci where she was obsessed with me, but it’s a different dynamic, because Jim didn’t see it coming and he was actually trying to be a teacher who was sensitive to Devon’s (played by Megan Park) needs. What you see in the beginning is a young girl who doesn’t have it all together, who has some issues with her father, who feels that people don’t really like her, so there is some compassion there from Jim, and he has a younger daughter, so he understands that there is [a need for] a father figure or big brother.

As the father of daughters, what are your thoughts on Devon’s relationship with her father and how that impacted her choices?

I think part of the reason why she went off the deep end was because of the relationship she didn’t have with her father. She was searching for that throughout the movie, and when she approached Jim it was always about getting approval and being liked and finding someone to tell her that she was pretty and probably all of the things that her father should have said to her; she was looking for that in someone else.

What can fathers do differently to avoid having a daughter like Devon?

Speaking from experience, because I have three daughters, I think it’s always important to give your daughter the confidence that she needs so that she won’t look elsewhere for approval and feeling love and acceptance. That’s a big role in a father’s world today, really to make their daughters and sons feel accepted and loved and appreciated. One of the main reasons why I chose to play this role is really the father aspect, and the kind of man that he is. He is a stand-up guy, and at the end of the day he almost lost everything.

Did you like playing a teacher? Have you ever considered that as a career choice?

I enjoyed playing a teacher. I thought it was kind of cool. I’ve never thought of doing it as a profession, but I do believe that we have to teach our kids, especially our own, every single day. So, I enjoyed that process. I also enjoyed playing the coach. Being an ex-volleyball player in real life and also in the movie, it was easy for me to get into that part of the character.

How does sports factor into your life now? Do you ever play volleyball competitively?

I still play volleyball, and still work out and train. I love being outdoors, so for me to still be able to do sports at my age, it’s a great thing.

What do you mean, “my age”? You’re not that old!

I’m getting there. For me, sports is a big part of my life. It helped me through high school. It helped me get better grades, because if you don’t have good grades, you can’t play sports. It also taught me teamwork and how to interact with people, so I will always continue to play sports and I was really happy to be able to play a coach [in the movie]. When I got the script and I read it, I said, Some of these things I do in real life, and this is going to be fun to play.

You started your acting career on “Baywatch,” and at that time television dramas were hugely successful. Since then, reality TV was introduced; you competed in a reality sports competition, “The Superstars,” and your fiancée, Brooke Burke, is a co-host on “Dancing With the Stars.” How do you think reality-based programming has changed opportunities for actors? Is it a welcome change?

In today’s world, a lot of things have changed in television, and so have budgets. I think it’s a lot easier to put together a reality show than to actually create a scripted show. People like reality; I think it’s always happened from the Roman times, when people used to go to a coliseum and watch people compete against each other. I think networks and cable channels find it an easier way of producing and putting things together, because people will watch it and it’s cheaper. I don’t know if it’s helped television, but it’s brought a different slice of television to viewers. “American Idol” and “Dancing With the Stars” are two great shows that are unscripted, live and interesting to watch

Do you have any interest in competing on another reality show in the future? Not really. I have been doing a lot of music for the past 10 years, and I’m getting back into acting now and I’ve been fortunate enough to do this movie and a couple of others. I think I’d like to continue on this path and see where it takes me. How would you describe your music? What inspires you when you’re writing your albums? It’s kind of pop-rock. The stories come from actual events in my life. I started doing it about 13 years ago in 1997, and it’s something that I enjoy very much because it’s not a role that I have to play, it’s just me. I have a deal with Universal Music, and I am going to release another record this year and probably go on tour. Have you kept in touch with any of your “Baywatch” co-stars? I saw Pamela [Anderson] on “Dancing With the Stars”; I ran into her a couple of times there, and it was great to see her. I’m happy that she did as well as she did on the show. I saw David [Hasselhoff] about eight months ago. Speaking of “Dancing With the Stars,” can you keep up with your fiancée, Brooke, on the dance floor? You’re going to have to ask her that question, but let’s just say that I hold my own. Are there any wedding plans for you two in the works? We always talk about, and I’m sure it will happen sooner than later. It’s just a matter of putting it all together.