Jamie Lunar


Character: Jessica Slate

Actress Jamie Luner has attained a vast body of work with hit series and movies shown in more than 28 countries which spans the globe and gives her a very loyal fan base. In 2012, Luner was the star of two well received and highly controversial movies for Lifetime, “Walk These Halls” and “Stalked at 17.” She was also a series regular on ABC’s “All My Children,” playing the tantalizing villainess Liza Colby until the show was cancelled in 2011. She has two movies premiering in 2013 – “The Perfect Boss” and “The Cheating Pact” also for Lifetime. She has starred in 11 TV movies in the past eight years giving her the title Queen of the TV Movie.


Luner began acting in television commercials at age four, first playing the daughter of actress Suzanne Somers, and then continued to appear in nationwide television commercials throughout her early teens. Jamie’s big television break came when she was cast as the lovable “Cindy Lubbock” on the ABC’s hit series, “Growing Pains.” Then in 1988, ABC created the wildly popular spin off series, “Just the Ten of Us,” where Luner continued her popular role as the hilarious Lubbock family relocated to Eureka, CA.


From then on, she worked non-stop in a variety of movies and TV guest roles including “Married with Children,” with Ed O'Neil and Christina Applegate, “Reasonable Doubt,” with Mark Harmon and Marlee Matlin, and “Diagnosis Murder” with Dick Van Dyke. After starring with Linda Gray and the Antonio Sabato Jr. in “Why My Daughter?” Luner’s talent continued to be in high demand, as she went on to star in a variety of TV movies including “The St. Tammany Miracle”, “Cradle of Conspiracy” and “Confessions of A Sorority Girl,” the film which began Jamie’s long term professional relationship with legendary producer, Aaron Spelling. Working together for many years, Mr. Spelling went on to cast Ms. Luner in numerous hit shows, beginning with the starring role of “Peyton Richards,” the tenacious, screen vixen in his memorable WB series, “Savannah.”