Q&A With Matt Barr

Q&A With Matt Barr
Before tuning in to see Matt Barr killer performance in “Romeo Killer: The Chris Porco Story” , Read this exclusive Q&A with to find out his favorite scene and more! 

How much did you know about the true story before taking on the role as Chris Porco?

I wasn't familiar with the Chris Porco murder case. It made national headlines, and no doubt sounded like something straight out of a tragic Hollywood script, so I was surprised I had missed it.

Describe your character in three words.

manipulative, calculated, fear.

What did you do to get into character?

Lived in a log cabin in the woods and became a shoemaker for 4 years. ...wait no, that was Daniel Day-Lewis. My mistake.

I believe we all have narcissistic qualities and sociopathic tendencies. It's part of being human, but a healthy balanced person dances a line within normal functional reasoning. I find we can perpetuate stories for so long, that we start to literally believe our own lies. So I investigated those qualities in myself as a starting point. It's a dangerous game sometimes, but that's the thrill of being an actor. The rush. The drug.

Just don't forget ...it's a game.

What was it like working alongside Eric McCormack and Lolita Davidovich?

Everyone already knows how talented Eric is. He's handsome, successful, versatile, but what everyone might not know, is that he's the greatest guy you'll ever meet. Like enviously so. He's such a pro and couldn't be more giving to the actors, the crew, everyone. Lets just say if Eric asked me to go dig ditches with him one day...I would.

And Lolita. I really connected with Lolita. I'd make movies with her forever. She's such a beautiful actor, and present and connected. She "brings" it. I just wanted to keep up. I really like our dysfunctional chemistry in the movie. I'd dig ditches with her too.

I'm better because of both those guys.

Any mishaps on set?

We ran out of time one day on set and had to cut one of my favorite small scenes in the movie. So in desperation I said, "Come on guys we can all come back in the middle of the night tonight and get this shot!!" The whole crew looked at me and said, we'll just tell our wives, husbands, kids, that -- so here's the camera, lights, sound, good luck getting the shot by yourself. Needless to say, the scene didn't make it. Haha. Fortunately, we had a great shoot. It was a great team!

What’s your favorite scene in the movie?

I love scenes where you have two actors just doing their dance. Not literally, but figuratively. There's a scene in an indoor pool between Sarah and I, and its shot beautifully. It's well performed, and ironically these two characters literally dance in the water together. It's intense, its sweet, it's sensual, it's playful, and its dangerous. It's where we see the monster.