Rebecca Williams Exclusive

Rebecca Williams’ performance in “Reviving Ophelia” will stay with you long after the movie ends. She plays Elizabeth, a pretty teenager with good grades, friends and loving parents. When her character becomes the victim of a violent boyfriend, she must turn to her family for support and then find strength within herself to overcome the abuse. Read Rebecca’s own words about the challenges of her role, the emotional investment and the message she hopes to convey. 

Getting into character for the role of Elizabeth Kent was pretty challenging, considering the nature of the film. When you read a script, you immediately become attached to certain scenes or get a certain feeling while reading them. There is an instant connection that usually remains for the entire movie. Some scenes are simply just more powerful than others. For an actor these scenes are physically challenging to walk away from or “leave at work,” as it were. In “Reviving Ophelia,” we shot a scene where the audience actually gets to see Mark hit Elizabeth. We shot the scene for about eight hours (from start to finish), and I remember getting home and feeling like I had just been hit, or as close to that feeling as I could imagine. I couldn’t sleep, I cried; I was just in shock. I just tried to connect with Elizabeth in the sense that she is a 16-year-old girl and on the level of being in “new” love. Most of us are lucky enough to experience that overwhelming sensation of being in love, and I feel like that is what Elizabeth was facing. I did some research into abusive relationships and found that a lot of the victims stay with their abusers simply because of love and on the promise that it will never happen again, two things Elizabeth faces in the movie. I wanted to display that and make people understand that it isn’t just as easy as walking away. I was also lucky enough to work with an incredible cast of actors, which really helps with the development of the characters and of the storyline. When you work with people who are passionate about what they do, it makes you feel the same way and really strive for more as an actor. I think we all wanted to display the same message, and that really comes through in the movie.        
By Rebecca Williams
"Reviving Ophelia" Actress