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Movie Photos: “Liz & Dick”

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Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/Jack Zeman

Despite Liz's struggle with love, lust and an iconic career, the legendary figure's effervescent style always shone through. From a plum colored lip to a bold Cleopatra bang, Lindsay Lohan captures Elizabeth Taylor’s looks over the years in these exclusive photos from the Lifetime Original Movie “Liz & Dick.”

The movie takes us behind the headlines of Elizabeth Taylor's roller coaster love affair with Richard Burton (Grant Bowler), from their affair on the set of "Cleopatra" to their multiple marriages. Watch it all unfold during the world premiere of “Liz & Dick” this November!

What do you think of LiLo's Liz-like attire?

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True Crime Update: Drew Peterson Found Guilty

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True Crime Update: Drew Peterson Found Guilty Drew Peterson is no longer untouchable.

The retired Chicago-area officer has been found guilty of murdering his third wife, Kathleen Savio, putting an end to the high profile case. This guilty verdict comes after an extensive investigation that ruled Kathleen’s death accidental in 2004. However, after Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy Cales mysteriously disappeared, investigators reopened Kathleen’s case three years later in hopes of finding evidence to prosecute him. Peterson now faces a maximum 60-year prison term when sentenced in November.

Lifetime documents Peterson’s fall from grace after the disappearance of his fourth wife in the Lifetime Original Movie “Drew Peterson: Untouchable” which stars award-winning actor, Rob Lowe. Learn more about the gripping true story by flipping through the gallery below and click here to find out more about Rob Lowe's new role.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

"Drew Peterson: Untouchable" True Story Photos
What do you think about Drew Peterson’s guilty verdict?

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Star Spotlight: Jill Scott

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Star Spotlight Jill Scott’s radiant smile and golden personality has undoubtedly made her a household name so it’s no surprise that ESSENCE magazine chose her to grace the cover of their October issue. Check out Jill Scott’s stunning cover shot here!

The three-time Grammy® Award winning singer-songwriter, New York Times best-selling poet and critically acclaimed actress stars in the upcoming Lifetime Original Movie “Steel Magnolias” alongside an all-star cast that includes Queen Latifah and Phylicia Rashad. Jill takes on the role of “Truvy”, the owner of the beauty shop where the women convene to chat about life’s trials and triumphs. This isn’t Jill’s first gig on screen — the Philadelphia native has also appeared in other movies including "Hounddog", "Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?" and "Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too?"

Photo Credit: Kevin Lynch

Tell us what you think of Jill Scott's new look and catch her in the world premiere of "Steel Magnolias" on Sunday, October 7 at 9/8c!

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Behind-the-Scenes Photo: “Steel Magnolias”

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Behind the scenes of Steel Magnolias

Photo Credit: Eric Liebowitz

“Steel” fans — as you countdown to the world premiere on Sunday, October 7 at 9/8c, take a look at what went down behind the scenes. In this exclusive photo, Executive Producer Neil Meron and Executive Producer and star Queen Latifah take a break from shooting to chitchat on set.

Other executive producers include Craig Zadan, Shakim Compere (“Single Ladies”) and Shelby Stone. Kenny Leon directs from a script that has been adapted for television by Sally Robinson ("Iron Jawed Angels") and is based on the play and screenplay by Robert Harling (“The First Wives Club”).

Visit the official “Steel Magnolias” site to learn more about the cast and crew!

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New Movie Coming Soon: “A Killer Among Us”

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Killer Among Us

Photo Credit: Getty Images

It’s new movie time! Tom Cavanagh (“Scrubs”,” Ed”) will star alongside Boris Kodjoe (“Resident Evil: Afterlife”, “Soul Food”) and Tess Atkins (“Girl Fight”, “The Killing”) in the upcoming Lifetime Original Movie “A Killer Among Us.”

Inspired by a true story, this thriller set to premiere Saturday, September 8 at 8/7c, follows Nick (Cavanagh), a widowed father of three coping with the loss of his wife while caring for his teenage daughter, Alex (Atkins) who's vigorously trying to solve her mother’s murder. With the help of police detective Joseph Moran (Boris Kodjoe), Alex reluctantly begins to search for clues that could lead them to the killer but one clue ends up hitting too close to home.

Take a stab at what Alex unveils and tune in to the world premiere of A Killer Among Us” on Saturday, September 8 at 8/7c to find out!

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Star Spotlight: Phylicia and Condola Rashad

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Queen Latifah stars in Steel Magnolias

Photo Credit: Kevin Lynch

In our highly anticipated reboot of “Steel Magnolias,” we knew one Rashad wouldn't be enough so we’re giving you two! Phylicia Rashad stars alongside her daughter, Condola Rashad in the upcoming Lifetime original movie, making this their first on-screen appearance together.

Phylicia is best known as one of America’s favorite TV moms playing "Clair Huxtable" on “The Cosby Show” and her daughter, Condola, has already conquered the stage earning a Tony nod for her breakthrough performance in the Broadway play, "Stick Fly." In Lifetime's television remake of “Steel Magnolias,” Condola plays “Shelby” while Phylicia takes on the role of “Clairee.” Are you excited to see this mother-daughter duo on screen?

Get a sneak peek of the Rashad's in “Steel Magnolias” by flipping through the gallery below:

"Steel Magnolias" Photo Gallery
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Rob Lowe Is Back!

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Rob Lowe is Back Guess what Lowe Lovers? He’s baaacckkk!

Rob Lowe will star in the upcoming Lifetime original movie based on the best-selling book Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony by Jeff Ashton. Lowe will portray Ashton in this new true crime drama that follows Ashton’s investigation into the death of Caylee Anthony and the subsequent trial. The outcome of Caylee’s trail shocked the nation when her mother, Casey Anthony, was acquitted of killing the two-year-old despite the overwhelming evidence that insinuated otherwise. The original film will give viewers an inside look at how Ashton and his fellow prosecutors handled the case and why they still believe Casey Anthony is guilty.

You'll have to have to wait for more scoop on Rob's new role but in the meantime flip through the gallery below to view photos of him in the Lifetime Original Movie “Drew Peterson: Untouchable.”

Photo Credit: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

"Drew Peterson: Untouchable" Movie Photos

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Tell us: What’s your favorite true crime Lifetime original movie?

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What's your favorite true-crime movie?

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lifetime

The twisted crimes, unexpected criminals, and mysterious disappearances all make it hard to believe that some of your favorite Lifetime movies are based on true stories. But with yet another true crime movie (“Fatal Honeymoon”) premiering next month, you’ll want to prep yourself for surprises that will leave you at the edge of your seat, not to mention yelling at the TV. “Fatal Honeymoon” follows the story of a bride who dies on her Australian honeymoon leaving her father to suspect that his own son-in-law may be responsible.

Will the bride’s father be successful in his quest for justice? Tune in on Saturday, August 25 at 8/7c to find out!

“Fatal Honeymoon” can soon be added to your list of true crime favs but as you await the premiere, vote on the true crime movie you like best below:

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Gary Cole Answers Your Questions!

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Ask Gary Gary Cole loved answering the questions you tweeted us during the premiere of the Lifetime Original Movie “An Officer and a Murderer”. Find out what he had to say about playing a real murderer and learn his secret to staying forever young.

Alice Covington asks, "How did you feel about playing a part like this and what made you decide to take it on?"

All starts with a script. I thought it was laid out in an original way. Most of the crimes were not shown, which I think made them more powerful. We saw their aftermath in most cases. We did not see any insight into why Williams did what he did, and I liked that fact. Not a usual choice.

Samantha Lemly ‏‪ asks, "How did you get into character for such a sick personality?"

There was plenty of material on Williams. Two excellent books. "A New Kind of Monster" and "Camouflage Killer" . Also I never think of it as getting into character. I play off other characters, that's what tells a story. The interrogation footage that went viral was a big help as well.

Kelly McCarter asks, "How hard was it for you to portray a real murderer?"

If you don't make judgments on characters, they are no more or no less difficult to play than anything else. To be an actor, you have to operate under the assumption that a human being is capable of doing anything. And in this case, had to keep doing it to satisfy his fantasy.

Gina Minton asks, "How weird was it for you to put on women’s clothing?"

I thought it was important to the story, it underlined how wrongly he was perceived by everyone who knew him. The danger in that detail, is that it can overshadow the brutality that he subjected his victims to. In the big picture, that "bizarre" behavior was irrelevant.

‏‪Deb asks, "What do you do to shake the creepy feeling after you’re done filming?"

For me, if I'm really present when doing a scene, when I'm finished, the emotions don't linger. They come to a natural conclusion. But that is just me, all actors are different.

Julie ‏‪asks, "Do you like playing the bad guy more than the good guy?"

There's something about bad guys that gives actors a charge. But it all comes down to material on a case by case basis. I think the line between good guy and bad guy in Movies and TV is a lot blurrier than it used to be.

‪Amy M. asks, "Which was a more challenging role – Jeffry Macdonald or Colonel Russell Williams and why?"

Well, they both had their challenges. But when I played Jeffrey MacDonald, I barely had any experience in front of a camera to speak of. So that in itself was a challenge. They were both eerily similar to me. Both were well respected, accomplished in their professions, and held positions of authority. There may be more documented insight into Williams because he confessed, and discussed the crimes with psychologists. MacDonald maintains his innocence to this day. People can choose to believe him or not. But what is certain is that he will most likely not change his story. I think the key to playing both of them is to avoid playing them as sinister or evil and make their behavior as true to their character and personality as possible. Even as bizarre as some of the behavior was, especially in the case of Williams.

‪Laura D. asks, "What has been your favorite role so far?"

Hard to single out a favorite. Jack Killian of "Midnight Caller" is special because I was just beginning to get comfortable in front of the camera and learned so much. Lumghberg and Reese Bobby are favorites. But I think the most FUN I ever had was Lucas Buck.

‪Tess Alexandria ‏‪ asks, "How do you never age and stay so beautiful?"

Bless you. Good lighting always helps us old guys. But I'm holding up pretty well. I'm lucky I come from good stock. My Dad is 82 and is hard to keep up with. His father was the same. Hopefully I'll just keep riding their coattails.

Photo Credit: Stephen Scott

Can't get enough of Gary Cole? Watch his jaw-dropping performance as Colonel Russell Williams in the Lifetime Original Movie “An Officer and a Murderer” on Wednesday, August 1 at 8/7c!

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Behind-the-Scenes Photos: “Fatal Honeymoon”

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Behind the scenes of Fatal Honeymoon

Photo Credit: Vince Valitutti

As promised, here’s your behind-the-scenes look at Harvey Keitel on the set of the Lifetime Original Movie (based on a true story) “Fatal Honeymoon”! Harvey stars as ‘Tommy Thomas’, the father of a bride whose mysterious death leads him to suspect her husband of murdering his daughter.

Catch Harvey Keitel alongside Amber Clayton and Billy Miller in the world premiere of “Fatal Honeymoon” on Saturday, August 25 at 8/7c!

Are you excited to watch?

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