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Tweet Us (@lifetimetv) Your Questions for Gary Cole!

By njules Fri., Jul. 20, 2012 ,12:25 pm EDT

Tweet Us Your Questions for Gary Cole! The wait’s almost over Lifetime movie lovers — the world premiere of “An Officer and a Murderer” is only a day away! During tomorrow night’s premiere at 8/7c, tweet us (@lifetimetv) your questions for “An Officer and a Murderer” star, Gary Cole using the hashtag #LifetimeMovies . We’ll send Gary your questions and feature his responses right here on the Lifetime Movie Club!

You’ll have plenty of questions after seeing Gary Cole’s telling performance in this movie (based on a true story) about a highly ranked Canadian officer turned murderer whose psychopathic behavior included dressing up in his victims’ lingerie and categorizing them for his own personal collection.

Don’t forget to share (@lifetimetv) your favorite O-M-G moments and stay tuned to read Gary’s answers to your questions!

Photo Credit: Stephen Scott

Visit the official “An Officer and a Murderer” movie site to watch preview clips, flip through photos and more.

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