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Exclusive Q&A - “Betty & Coretta” Star & Executive Producer, Mary J. Blige

By njules Tue., Jan. 29, 2013 ,3:51 pm EST

Q&A with Mary J. Blige Mary J. Blige, executive producer and star of the Lifetime Original Movie “Betty & Coretta," shares what it was like working alongside Angela Bassett, lessons learned from the film and more in this exclusive Q&A.

How much did you know about Betty and Coretta’s real-life friendship before taking on the role as Betty?

As the executive producer before the material was brought to me I had no idea they were friends.

Was this the first film you executive produced? If so, describe the experience.

Yes, it’s the first movie that I’ve executive produced. The experience was pleasant, my partners were great and the script was amazing to me.

What was it like working alongside Angela Bassett?

It was a real treat and a dream come true working along side Angela Bassett because I am a huge fan of her work and she is one of my favorite actresses.

What’s your favorite scene in the movie?

All the scenes in the movie are my favorite scenes because the movie is so good but Ruby Dee’s narrative scenes are amazing.

What did reliving the legacy of Betty & Coretta teach you about your own trials, triumphs and friendships?

It taught me that I am stronger than I know. I’m a more nurturing person than I believe. I really love my family and friends and always want to protect them.

You’ve had such a successful music career and now you’re paving your way as an actress, what’s next for you?

There is so much more to come but right now I am focusing on working towards being a great actress and continuing to work hard on my singing career.

Photo Credit: Richard McLaren

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