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Exclusive Q&A - “Talhotblond” star, Laura San Giacomo

By njules 10/17/2014 11:46AM GMT

Laura San Giacomo, who plays Carol Montgomery in the Lifetime Original Movie, “Talhotblond,” discusses what it was like working with director, Courteney Cox and more!

You star alongside Garret Dillahunt in "Talhotblond." How was it working with him?

Garret is really amazing in this film. His transformation was pretty dramatic, very different than himself. He was easy to work with, very smart, very supportive, present, clear, the story falls on his shoulders and he did a great job bring this guy to life.

What was it like working with director, Courteney Cox?

It was really a pleasure, as she not only has a vibrant energy to work with but was very prepared and put together a wonderful team. She knew the story she was telling and was very clear in her choices. She was very conscious of how quickly we were working and supportive in the process. She handled the pressure very well and stayed focused on the story.

Were you familiar with the true story before taking on the role of Carol Montgomery?

No, I was not.

What drew you to the part of Carol Montgomery?

I read the script and watched the documentary. I had heard that Courteney was a good director, that directing suited her personality. I was intrigued that a person's imagination could take them so far from reality.

How did you prepare for the role?

I think its easy for any of us to understand the responsibilities and pressures of life leading us to not be as thoughtful or as conscious as we should be about the relationships in our lives. I don't think it's that hard to imagine a couple who are going through tough financial times, raising two kids, getting caught up in the day to day and losing sight of each other and the person they fell in love with, taking each other for granted. I approached it from that angle, because basically that is the human event of the story. His mind takes this very typical situation miles down the road from the reality into darkness. Something snapped in him.

Photo Credit: Jack Zeman

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