Fun Facts About Billy Miller

"Fatal Honeymoon" star, Billy Miller took the time to share some fun facts and personal photos with us! Read up on his favorite hobbies and find out what he has in common with his “Fatal Honeymoon” character.

• "Fatal Honeymoon" marks Billy's long form debut!

• Billy's roommate is his dog, an Old English Bulldog named “Jones”.

Billy Miller and his dog

• Shooting “Fatal Honeymoon” marks Billy's first visit to Australia, but he loves to travel! He recently toured Italy and Rio de Janeiro.

• Billy is a voracious reader. His favorite reads include Arguably by Christopher Hitchens, A Renegades History Of The United States by Thaddeus Russell and Lush Life by Richard Price.

• Billy is an avid music fan and collector. His favorite acts include Stevie Ray Vaughan, Waylon Jennings, The Black Keys and Fleet Foxes. 

• While shooting “Fatal Honeymoon”, Billy became a certified SCUBA diver. It is an endeavor he plans to continue pursuing throughout future travel adventures.

• Upon completion of principal photography of "Fatal Honeymoon", he made a Blues and Alternative Rock music playlist for co-star Amber Clayton.

• When Billy isn’t stirring things up on screen, you can find him in the boxing ring. Billy trains as a boxer during his downtime and looks to boxing legends like George Foreman, Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, Tommy Hearns, Manny Pacquiao, Peter Quillin and Saul Alvarez for inspiration.

• Like his character "Gabe Watson", Billy is from the South. He went to University of Texas, a well-known rival to the University of Alabama at Birmingham, which is where Tina and Gabe Watson met.