"Fatal Honeymoon" is based on the true story of the honeymoon photo that cracked open an international murder case. When Alabama newlyweds Gabe and Tina Watson went on their dream Australian honeymoon, no one would have ever expected that Tina would drown in what appeared to be a freak diving accident, stranger yet because Gabe was a certified dive instructor. A year later, an incriminating underwater photo, accidentally taken by another vacationing couple, dismisses Gabe's account and leads authorities to the United States to charge Gabe with murder.


"Fatal Honeymoon" will be executive produced by David Parker ("The Miracle Worker", "Kath and Kimderella", "The Big Steal") and Michael Collier ("Two and a Half Men", "The Big Bang Theory"). Nadia Tass ("Malcolm", "Matching Jack", "The Miracle Worker") will direct the screenplay by Mac Gudgeon ("Ground Zero", "Killing Time", "Last Ride") and Teena Booth (Lifetime’s "The Pregnancy Project" and "Drew Peterson: Untouchable"). "Fatal Honeymoon" will be a theatrical release in Australia through Pinnacle Films.