Interview With Joe Hosey


The Journalist and Author of “Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson” Provides an Insider’s View of This Story, and the Latest Update

Can you talk a little about your first interaction with Drew?
The first time I went up to Drew’s house was right after Stacy disappeared. I’m sure I was the first person to get there. He only opened his door about a half inch, just wide enough to look out with one eye. I pulled a camera out quickly to snap a picture, but he slammed the door in my face.

What happened on your next encounter?
The next day he started warming up to all the attention from the press and was inviting us in to talk. He’s not a big or imposing guy, and with his gray hair he looks pretty old. He’s not intimidating or particularly charismatic. He’s just an ordinary guy who happened to be a suburban cop and was married four times.

How much time did you spend with Drew covering the case, and how would you define your relationship?
I spent untold hours hanging out with Drew in his house. I told him I was working on a book from the moment that publishers showed interest, and he was fine with it. He talked about the two of us trying to get a show together on CNN or Fox — something about how to handle media scrutiny when you are wrongly accused of a crime. He seemed pretty serious about it, which should tell you something. But I don’t think Drew ever considered me a friend.

How would you describe Drew’s interactions with the media?
Drew was very wary of the media … for about a day. Then he couldn’t get enough of the attention. But by the end, I think Drew was getting really tired of it ...

How did Drew respond to the coverage of his story by Geraldo Rivera?
He really felt Geraldo did him dirty.

Was Drew engaged to another much younger woman after his fourth wife?
It’s funny. As a matter of fact, she went on a national morning show and called it a “stunt,” but then moved in with Drew a few weeks later. So, I guess we may never know.

Have you reported at all about Drew sending love letters to women from jail?
No. I had a guy who was going to give me some love letters he obtained from a woman, but he apparently sold them to a tabloid instead.

Do you know if there are still searches for Stacy Peterson?
If there’s a tip, I imagine the police will check it out to some extent. But the intensity, frequency and visibility of the investigation and searches certainly seem to have waned over the years.

Do you know when Drew’s case will go to trial? Any updates?
The case is back with the appellate court. The appellate court has to make a decision on what hearsay evidence can be used against Drew at his murder trial. The earliest the trial will start is some time in March, and that’s a very optimistic projection.

Do you think in your coverage of this case you became part of the story at all? Was this experience different from your coverage of other cases?
I think this case was different than anybody’s experience with any case or story. I did become part of the story at times, I guess, because of the book.

Drew was recently in the media demanding an apology from the police [for presuming his fourth wife, Stacy, is dead]. Can you comment on that?
The only charges the state police have going against Drew right now are for the alleged murder of Kathleen Savio. You have to wonder how it benefits Drew to keep reminding everyone that Stacy’s missing.