Q&A With Laura Harris

Q&A With Laura Harris

Laura Harris, who plays Detective Jennifer Dobson in the Lifetime Original Movie "An Officer and a Murderer,” discusses how familiar she was with the true story before taking on the role and more!

How would you describe your character, ‘Detective Jennifer Dobson’ in “An Officer and a Murderer”?

Detective Jennifer Dobson is no nonsense, intuitive, unjaded hard working cop in a small Canadian town. Kind of a composite of the towns local innocence and integrity before these crimes were perpetrated.

Do you relate to her at all?

Yes. I guess you could say we share a deep belief in people’s basic goodness.

Have any of the other characters you've played reminded you of Detective Jennifer Dobson?

This is a relatively new character for me. This story, and the composite of the community she represents within it, does not bring other roles to mind.

Did you do any research about the true story before taking on the role?

Just enough. I found the script to be respectful, and admire Gary Cole’s work very much. Once prepping, what I did know of the true story made it clear if I attempted to go through the transcripts of the case, the weight of the crimes would fill my mind and possibly interrupt the characters relative innocence preceding this case. Dobson could not have imagined these crimes before they were uncovered clue by clue. The details of the true story, those I knew, where so unthinkable, so personal in their horror, the victims suffering cannot be erased from the mind.

Any unexpected mishaps during production?

Oooh, none that I recall. Sometimes shoots about dark stories can be hard to shoot, but that was not the case with this group. The tone was impeccable, regenerative even, the producers, the crew and cast just a delight. Everyone had so much respect for the victims and the nature of the story.

What is your favorite Lifetime Original Movie?

I like them all. Don’t make me choose:)