Five Facts You Don’t Know About the Amanda Knox Movie




Learn more about the making of the movie “Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy” with exclusive details about the film’s production:

  1. 1) The courtroom scenes were shot in an actual Italian court. The filmmakers rented the court when it was not in use. It is located in Rome, about half a mile from the Vatican.

  2. 2) The movie was shot in five weeks.

  3. 3) Filming took place in Rome and the towns of Perugia and Tivoli.

  4. 4) In order to stay true to the story, the actors were cast from a variety of countries by American, British and Italian casting agents.

  5. 5) The house seen in the movie, where the crime occurred, was both real and invented. An actual home in Perugia that resembled the crime scene was used for the exterior shots, and a set was built for the scenes in the house.