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Which City Is Your Fashion Twin?

by Annemarie Dooling

You subscribe to all the glossy fashion magazines, monitor shopping sites and style blogs daily, and consider your savings account your shopping fund. Which city is your ideal backdrop for a shopping spree? Take our quiz to find out.

Your shoe closet is full of:
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Flats, pumps and Converse — all black, all classic shapes

6-inch heels and sandals in all shades of the rainbow

Boots, heels, sneakers in lots of styles — you can make ’em work!

Sensible shoes like flats and weatherproof boots

You’ve just been given a gift certificate for your favorite shop, which is:
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The biggest department store at the mall, where you can find a variety of staples.

American Apparel. Some of their outfits are a little crazy, but you love them.

That trendy new store at the mall that plays great music.

Gap. It’s the best place to find timeless pieces.

Your daily morning regimen consists of:
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Lotsa makeup and lotsa hair — got to look good!

The basic washing, plus a little eyeliner for emphasis

Face washed, hair combed, lip gloss on

Cupcake-scented shower gel and a crimping iron

The perfect guy to complement your life (and wardrobe) is:
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A guy’s guy: rugged and athletic

A gentleman through and through

A music lover who isn’t scared to try new things

Someone who’s into adventure and fun in the sun

What's on your ultimate song playlist?
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A mix of dance music from around the world

Some radio hits and a few bands that haven’t hit the mainstream yet

Lots of rock and punk, from the Beatles to the Ramones

Top 40 pop — anything peppy is fine by you

You’ve just arrived at the bar to meet your friends. They’ve already ordered your drink of choice:
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Anything served in a pineapple, coconut or other tropical fruit

A martini with gin, not vodka

The house lager served in an icy-cold mug — yum!

A Sex on the Beach — fruity, punchy, fun

When checking out accessories, it’s important to:
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Make sure you’ve got one for every outfit

Pile on the color and shine

Make sure you have a variety of every style you’ll ever need

Keep it light — sometimes less is more

You never leave the house without:
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Your phone — can’t leave home without it

Your iPod; music gets you through the day

Your makeup bag, for touch-ups between work and partying

Your day planner, which keeps you organized

Your favorite "little black dress" is actually:
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A little red dress with plunging neckline

A little black dress with some flattering pleats

A backless black shift dress you can wear for day or night

A skirt-and-shirt combo you can change out when needed

The best season is:
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Winter. You love mixing and matching boots and coats.

Spring. Bright rain boots, umbrellas and flowers make your day.

Summer. Heat looks great on you.

Fall. Layering is your favorite style.