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Which Celeb Honeymoon Spot Should Be Yours?

by Amy Zerello

If you could budge your budget, which destination would be perfect for your post-nuptial celebrations? Take this quiz and find out!

Which date idea fits you and your sweetheart best?
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A trip to the zoo

A picnic by the water

A day at the museum

A stroll on the beach

There's a super-long line at Starbucks, but you'll wait it out for:
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An Espresso Macchiato

A Tazo Passion tea

A Skinny Iced Latte

The Bold Pick of the Day

Where would you volunteer your time?
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The Environmental Defense Fund

Save Our Seas

VH1's Save the Music

The National Endowment for the Arts

Woo-hoo! You and your sweetie score free movie tickets. What genre suits you both?
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Action and adventure all the way

You both love a good drama

Comedy. You guys live to laugh.

Thrillers give you both chills, in a good way

Ooh-la-la, it's your anniversary! What will you be having for dinner?
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French cuisine



Something homemade

When there's absolutely nothing on TV, you will resort to watching any show on:
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Food Network


Congrats, you've won an all-expenses-paid trip to any U.S. city of your choice! Where will you go?
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New York



San Diego

Describe your wedding theme in just a few words:
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The most important item in your carry-on, besides the camera, is:
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Reading material

Your Fodor's guide

Your sunglasses

Your binoculars

The wedding and honeymoon are scheduled for what season?
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