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Where Should You Rekindle Your Romance?

by Leslie Koch

Is your love life D.O.A? Recapture the spark with a romantic vacation! We've searched the globe for sizzling destinations that will help you get your groove back.

On a typical Friday night, you and your guy…
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Go out separately with friends

Enjoy a romantic dinner

Work late and don't have time to hang out

Stay in and watch TV together

Go out to see a foreign film

Which of these vacation activities would you and your mate enjoy the most?
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Wine tasting


Going on a nature walk

Visiting a museum


Which of these statements best describes your sex life?
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You are so busy it seems like you have to pencil in time for sex

You're usually too tired to initiate sex

You are adventurous and love to try new positions

You fight often but have passionate make-up sex

You have a great sex life but are open to ways to spice things up

Which of these foods do you like the best?
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Pad Thai

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Quiche Lorraine

BBQ ribs

How did you celebrate your last anniversary?
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You enjoyed a cultural activity (theater, art gallery, concert hall)

He bought you flowers from the corner store

You ate dinner at a fancy restaurant

He bought you jewelry

He didn't get you anything

What do you wish you could change about your relationship?
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You don't spend enough time together

You fight too much

You never go anywhere exciting

You need a change but don't know exactly what

He's a little vanilla for your tastes

What do you prefer to drink at breakfast?
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Green tea


Instant coffee

Earl Grey tea

When you are on vacation, how would you prefer to get around?
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Being driven in a Jeep

Taking a boat

Driving a car yourself

Taking public transportation

Riding a bike

How far are you willing to travel for a dream vacation?
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Continental USA



North America (Canada or Mexico)

South Pacific

You would rather stay in a hotel that…
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Is close to museums and monuments

Has super-comfy bedding

Is close to nightlife

Has excellent customer service

Is cheap