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Where’s Your Ultimate Girls’ Getaway?

by Annemarie Dooling

Can’t remember the last time you saw your girlfriends? Remedy that with a fun vacation. Which one is perfect for you and your girls? Take our quiz to find out.

You’re finally planning a girls’ getaway. Who are the must-have members of your group?
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Anyone who needs a good break — the more, the merrier

Your favorite party buddies; only fun-lovers need apply

Your closest family and friends — this is a very special trip

20 of your closest friends

The last time you and your girlfriends got together was:
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At a flick. You all absolutely love the movies.

A few weeks ago for a dinner party. Would be nice to see them more!

Hmm, you can’t even remember. It’s definitely time for some relaxation.

A business lunch. Not your first choice, but it’s one way to keep in touch.

Time to book the trip. You’re the one who’s:
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Asking everyone you know everything they know about your destination

Searching the Web for discounts, reviews and digital guides

Counting up your frequent-flier miles and calling all your rewards programs

Booking flights and buying a guidebook — everything else will come naturally

When packing for a girls’ getaway, you:
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Squeeze whatever you can fit into your one favorite wheelie suitcase

Take everything and the kitchen sink — never know what you’ll need!

Grab a small carry-on and go — no need for baggage

Have a set of matching luggage you’ve been dying to break out

Describe the wardrobe you plan to stuff in your luggage.
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Beach chic: sundresses, flip-flops, and SPF 40

Couture mixed with the latest trends — it’s important to put your best face forward

Tees and jeans, with some accessories for a little flair

A few basics — gotta leave room to shop!

What’s the ideal place to spend the night?
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A super-posh hotel where you go to be seen

A beachfront cabana — no TV, no phones, no problem

A cozy boutique you found on the Internet that’s highly recommended

A big 5-star chain hotel in the center of it all

At the top of the girls’ to-do list is:
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Sightseeing — just a camera, your girls and you.

Getting some serious R&R. It’s now or never.

People-watching. Hey, isn’t that the guy from "Twilight?"

Boys, boys, boys. Where can you find them?

On a perfect trip, your first night out includes:
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Sitting out under the stars, fruity drink in hand

A good night’s sleep — you’ll need it after all that sightseeing

The ultimate rooftop nightclub

A couple of glasses of wine in your chic hotel

Your friends and you are sitting around a table. You’re most likely eating:
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Different plates of whatever the kitchen sends you!

A healthy and delicious meal. Who knew wheatgrass was so good?

Whatever’s the special at a Michelin-rated restaurant

A staggering spread of the best local eats

Home, sweet home! You can’t wait to show off your photos:
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That you uploaded to your Facebook page. You snapped away as you traveled!

After they come back from the 1-hour photo store — you love having something you can hold

In a slideshow you created on your laptop on the flight back, complete with fades and a soundtrack

Over a luxe spa lunch with the girls