What does your style say about you? Take a quiz to find out.

Which Pop-Star Hairstyle Suits You?

by Melissa Kagan

Think you're cut out to be a pop icon? Then make sure you have the right hairstyle! Should you go with a curly coif or tousled top? Take our quiz to find out which famous hairdo suits your style.

You own at least five pairs of:
1 of 10 questions

Platform peep-toes

High-top sneakers

Lace-front booties

Strappy sandals

Your idea of changing your hair color is:
2 of 10 questions

Updating your highlights

A total dye job

Switching out your hats

Adding streaks of bright colors

The last hairstyling tool you bought was:
3 of 10 questions

An anti-static ionic hairdryer

A curling iron

The InStyler

A crimper

Friends would describe your fashion look as:
4 of 10 questions




Casual cool

Your headwear of choice is:
5 of 10 questions

Headbands with bold adornments

Leather newsboy cap

Jeweled hair clip

Baseball cap – you own hundreds

Your favorite snack is:
6 of 10 questions



Sour Patch Kids

Veggie chips

Your favorite pastime is:
7 of 10 questions

Playing video games

Lunching and shopping

Frolicking on the beach


Your everyday underwear consists of:
8 of 10 questions





Your favorite attraction at an amusement park is the:
9 of 10 questions

House of Mirrors

Fun House

Roller coasters

Spinning Tea Cups

What do you love best about your appearance?
10 of 10 questions

Your cleavage

Your eyes

Your smile

Your hair