What does your style say about you? Take a quiz to find out.

Which Hollywood Kid Is Your Fashion Twin?

by Leslie Koch

Are you a classy dresser like Suri Cruise or a funky trendsetter like Willow Smith? Take our quiz to find out which celebrity offspring is your fashion twin!

How would you describe your parents?
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Whose wardrobe matches your style?
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Ellen DeGeneres

Katy Perry

Michelle Obama

Michelle Williams

Lady Gaga

The mayor has just invited you to his annual charity ball — the event of the season! What will you wear?
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Black cocktail dress

Fluorescent pink minidress with one sleeve

Gray pantsuit

Princess gown with flowing skirt

Leather dress with silver buckles

What is your favorite type of music?
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Ska and reggae

Alternative/indie rock


World music

What is the one item in your closet you can’t live without?
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Camouflage pants

Oversized sunglasses

Leopard-print jacket

Army boots

Wrap dress

When selecting an outfit, your biggest concern is:
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Not spending much time on your wardrobe

Having a unique look

Looking feminine

Wearing the latest runway fashions

Being comfortable

You sign up for a talent show at the community center. During your 10 minutes onstage, you:
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Dance to hip-hop music

Put on a fashion show

Play guitar with a garage band

Give a speech about world hunger

Recite tragic love poems

What is your dream job?
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Wife of a rich banker

Fashion designer

Superstar singer, actress and dancer

Stay-at-home mom

President of a charity organization

How would you describe your hairstyle?
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Simple. You just wash it and go.

Elaborate. You use tons of spray, gel and clips to keep it in place.

Classic. You blow-dry your hair and use rollers to get cascading curls.

Edgy. You style your hair with a razor and bleach.

Casual. You leave it down or pull it into a ponytail.

Which of these designers do you like best?
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Ed Hardy

None. You don’t care about designer labels.

Marc Jacobs

Michael Kors

Patricia Field