What does your style say about you? Take a quiz to find out.

Which Hollywood Hunk Matches Your Style?

by Melissa Kagan

While a great handbag or showstopping shoes can add oomph to any outfit, a well-dressed guy who complements your style is really the ultimate accessory. Find which stylish stud should be your plus-one.

You are mostly drawn to guys who are:
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How seriously do you take fashion?
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I love looking stylish, but I don’t take it too seriously.

Pretty seriously. I’m thinking about starting my own label.

Not very. But I tend to gravitate toward cool, unique pieces.

Very seriously. Trends and labels rule my world.

I couldn’t care less. I just roll out of bed and put on the first thing I see.

If your favorite outfit could talk, it would say:
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“You are the only person who could get away with this look!”

“You can’t afford me”

“Rock on!”

“Shagadelic, baby!”

“Where’s the party?”

What do you think is the biggest fashion don’t?
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The preppy look

Matchy-matchy outfits

Mixing prints – way too busy

Hippie-chic –so not me

The ’80s retread – so not cool!

Which fashion show would you love to attend?
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Diane von Furstenberg


Betsey Johnson

Rag & Bone

Marc Jacobs

Animal prints look best:
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As trim

On an animal

In the form of shoes or a bag

All over – meow!

As the lining of a jacket or tote

What’s your airport style?
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Distressed denim, fedora, leather bomber, Wayfarers

Leather pants, fur vest, headscarf

Belted trench over sheath dress, stilettos and oversized sunglasses

Leggings, high boots, belted sweater

Cape, aviators, knit cap, fringed scarf

Where does your fashion inspiration come from?
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The street

The music scene

The circus

The runway

Fashion magazines

Where do you tend to buy most of your clothes?
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Department stores

High-end boutiques

Upscale vintage shops

Cool downtown spots

Flea markets or costume stores

When you go shopping, which department is your first stop?
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Makeup … and hosiery

Shoes and bags



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