What does your style say about you? Take a quiz to find out.

What's Your '80s Hairstyle?

by Melissa Kagan

Find out which hairdo from this totally awesome decade matches your personality.

Which band do you still love to listen to?
1 of 10 questions

Men at Work

Dead Kennedys

Tears For Fears

Billy Idol

Your go-to shoes are:
2 of 10 questions

Miu Miu Oxford Pumps

Doc Marten Lace Up Boots

Candie’s Cork Wedges

Christian Louboutin Peep-Toe Platforms

Which pet are you most inclined to own?
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A poodle

Bad hair day alert. Your quick fix is:
4 of 10 questions

A scarf wrapped around your head

A trip to the salon

Hairspray. Lots of it.


Your favorite movie is:
5 of 10 questions

Legally Blonde

This Is Spinal Tap


My Cousin Vinny

The best thing you’ve ever found at a vintage shop is:
6 of 10 questions

Old-school leather cap

Change for $100

Acid-washed jeans

My entire wardrobe

Which clique were you a part of in high school?
7 of 10 questions


Popular crowd

Gym rats

Theater crowd

What’s the one beauty product you can’t live without?
8 of 10 questions

Black eyeliner

False eyelashes

Self tanner

French face cream and Chanel lip gloss. I can’t narrow it down!

You break a heel – what do you do?
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Call 911

Walk around with a broken heel – maybe you’ll start a trend!

Use my nail glue to fasten it back on

Break the other one off and make the best of it

Your car of choice would be:
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Customized convertible Mercedes…for the summer

Harley Davidson motorcycle

Souped-up Mustang

Volkswagen Beetle