What does your style say about you? Take a quiz to find out.

What’s Your Dream Home Style?

by Mary Graff

Imagine if money were no object ... what would be your perfect place? Barbie had hers — though pink and plastic may not be your cup of tea. Take our quiz to discover which dwelling best suits your style.

You're clothes shopping with your best friend when she picks up an item and says, "This is so you!" She's holding a:
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Feminine embroidered dress

Trendy printed tunic

Tailored pencil skirt

Colorful, comfy hoodie

What word best describes your furniture?
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Your neighbor is having a potluck dinner; you're bringing an appetizer. What's in the Tupperware?
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Tomato bruschetta

Apples and brie

California rolls

Veggies and fresh-herb dip

Flipping through a home magazine, you find something you add to your "dream decor" file. It's:
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A careworn antique quilt

A carved marble pedestal sink

An aluminum pendant lamp

A stained-glass window salvaged from an old home

The perfect spring weekend includes:
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A few hours spent in the garden

Hitting the mall for this season’s trends

A trip to the museum’s new exhibit

Treasure hunting at flea markets and yard sales

Your typical Starbucks order is:
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A chai tea

A skinny cappuccino with sugar-free vanilla syrup

An espresso macchiato

Nothing. You skip the pricey coffee shops.

Quick! Name a brand of shoes that begins with a "C." Your first inclination is:
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Crocs. From the garden to the grocery store with ease.

Coach. Stylish with everything.

Chanel. Classic and chic.

Converse. A wardrobe staple since college.

When guests enter your house, you want them to:
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Feel at home

Be impressed

Appreciate the vibe

Recognize your personal touches