What does your style say about you? Take a quiz to find out.

What Lady Gaga Look Could You Pull Off?

by Melissa Kagan

Could you look as fierce as Lady Gaga? Prove it — take our quiz and find out which outrageous outfit belongs in your wardrobe.

Your friends affectionately call you:
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Rainbow Brite


Black Widow

The Fashionator

Hungry Hippo

If you could star in one television show, it would be:
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“Top Chef”

“Sex and the City”


“The Addams Family”

“Star Trek”

You’re staging a fashion show. What celebrity would you want to see sitting in the front row?
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Victoria Beckham

Mario Batali

Pat Benatar


Marilyn Manson

If you could create the dress of your dreams, the fabric would be:
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Aluminum foil


You have a weakness for:
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Birkin bags

Leg warmers

Cheese steaks

Anything metallic

Doc Martens

If you could perform in one circus act, it would be as the:
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Human cannonball


Trapeze artist

Belly dancer


What would you post as your Facebook profile pic?
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A stiletto

A Whopper

The moon

The GoGos

A bat

You wouldn’t be caught dead in:
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A pencil skirt

Cowboy boots


Mom jeans

A vegetarian restaurant

You would be most comfortable spending time in:
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Neiman Marcus

A rib joint

A funeral home

A roller rink

A spaceship

If you could describe your style in one word or phrase, it would be:
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Out of this world