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Is Your Man Whipped?

by Leslie Koch

Does your man greet you with flowers, freely offer foot massages and watch "The Notebook" with you? He just might be whipped! Take our quiz to find out who wears the pants in your relationship.

You're excited to see the latest chick flick and are trying to get your man to come with you. Do you convince him?
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Yes, he quickly caves in

Yes, but he'll only go if he gets to pick the movie next week

No, he'd rather stay home than see your movie

You're walking home with your man when you spot a 50-percent-off sale at your favorite store. You can't pass this up! How does your man react?
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He finds an electronics store to chill in for the next 45 minutes

He comes along and waits patiently while you try on clothes

He convinces you not to stop at the store

Your man gets stuck working late and misses the home-cooked dinner you prepared. What's the first thing he does when he gets home?
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Snaps at you for not having his dinner warmed up and ready

Apologizes and gives you a kiss

Heads straight for the couch and turns on the TV

Your man's friends attend a Poker Night every week. Where is it usually held?
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At a friend's house

Don't know – you don't let him go

In your home

Who does most of the cleaning in your home, you or your man?
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Your man

Both of you equally


What's your man like in the bedroom?
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He tries to satisfy you, but doesn't always get it right

He doesn't seem to care whether you're satisfied

He always makes sure you're satisfied

Your man jets to Vegas for his best friend's bachelor party. How do you find out what went on?
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He texts you several times during the party to tell you what's happening

He refuses to talk about what happened

He calls you the morning after with a few details

Your man is invited to a reunion by his high school friends the same weekend you are celebrating your anniversary. How does your man solve this dilemma?
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He immediately tells his friends "yes" without asking you

He skips the reunion and keeps his original date with you

He suggests you push back the anniversary celebration to the next week

If a stranger walked into his bedroom, what would they find in his closet?
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Mostly your clothes

Mostly his clothes, with a few of yours thrown in

Only his clothes

What's the last gift he gave you?
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Appliance or gadget