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Is Your Friend a Frenemy in Disguise?

by Leigh Camp

She's someone you hang out with on a regular basis, but is she building you up or tearing you down? Take our quiz to find out!

You're cooking dinner for a new guy you've been dating, and your friend is on the phone giving you tips. Which option sounds most like her?
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"Add oil to the pan so the butter won't burn — and add tons of butter. Butter is delicious!"

"I still don't think you should have gone with steaks. There's no way they'll still be warm when he gets there."

"You forgot dessert?! You HAVE to have dessert. Don't panic — don't you have some ice cream left over from last night?"

You're going out with your friend tonight, but you woke up with a huge zit. What does she say when she comes to pick you up and sees your best concealer efforts?
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"OK. Movie night."

She says nothing, but her face says it all.

"That's what you were worried about? It's nothing. Not even noticeable."

Uh-oh. You've had too much to drink at your office Christmas party. Your friend sees you spill a drink from across the room. What's her reaction?
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She runs over, makes up a brilliant excuse for your clumsiness, and whisks you to her car and back to your place before you can do any more damage to your professional rep.

She pretends she doesn't see you. After all, the Christmas party is only once a year — and she's having a great time!

She takes you to the ladies' room and gets you a glass of water. She tells anyone else who comes in that you have low blood sugar but will be fine.

What kinds of Facebook messages does she typically leave on your wall?
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Comments on photos of the two of you out together having a ball!

Links to clothes she's thinking of buying and wants your opinion on

She tags you in comments under your boyfriend's photos, jokingly pointing out all the pretty girls in his pictures

You tell your friend you want to run a marathon. What's her reaction?
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"That sounds pretty hard. Maybe you should just do another 5k?"

She decides to run one with you!

She makes signs for race day and gets up early to wait for you at the finish line!

Your friend is over at your apartment for the first time since you redecorated your place. What does she have to say about it?
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She loves the new couch and knows just the throw pillows you should get for it!

She thinks it's fantastic! Are you sure you didn't hire a decorator?

She really doesn't think the TV should go in the other corner of the room. The way you had it before was just so much cozier!

Congrats! You got a promotion! What does your friend have to say about it?
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It's well deserved — and about friggin' time!

It's great that you got it. Especially since that other applicant seemed so much more qualified!

She thinks celebratory drinks are in order and takes you out for cocktails.

You're at a bar with several friends and you're talking to a cute guy you just met. What's your friend doing?
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Hanging out with everyone else, taking bets on whether or not he'll ask for your number.

Talking to HIS friend, even though she's not really into him. She's being a stellar wingwoman.

Making her way over to you to break in. You hate it when she does this!

What's your typical conversation pattern?
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You're both pretty good about not hogging too much of the convo.

Sometimes when you're on the phone with her, you wonder if she'd notice if you went away, brushed your teeth and came back.

Depends on who has the most to say on any given day. Sometimes she has big news; sometimes you do.

Your boyfriend buys you flowers and your friend happens to see them. What's her reaction?
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"What did he do this time?"

"Orchids? I thought lilies were your favorite."

"LOVE your flowers! How sweet!"

You ask your friend to watch your cat for the weekend. When you come back to your apartment Sunday morning, what do you find?
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Everything in its place, and a happy cat!

No food left in the bowl, and your favorite DVDs are missing

A few dirty dishes in the sink, but Mr. Whiskers has plenty of food and water left

Which most resembles the last gift she gave you?
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A coupon for a free session with her personal trainer

A gift certificate to that store you both really like

A purse she remembered you admiring the week before

What sounds most like what she said to you after your last breakup?
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"Shots are on me."

"You're really better off — he was cheating on you anyway."

"That really sucks. I remember how hard my last breakup was on me! Don't you?"

You rode in her car to the party, but you're not feeling it and want to leave early. What's her reaction?
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She says she's not ready to go yet, so unless you want to cab it back you'll just have to rally

She tells you she thinks Liz wants to go home too and asks if you would mind getting a ride with her

She grabs her purse, says goodnight to everyone, and leaves with you

You tell your friend you want to quit [insert bad habit of choice here]. How does she support your efforts?
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By chastising you in front of all of your friends every time you slip up

By quitting one of her own bad habits in an act of solidarity

By telling you you've made the right choice (and quietly reminding you of that choice should you momentarily forget)