Get answers about how you relate to your loved ones.

Is Your Boyfriend From Another Planet?

by Leslie Koch

Take this quiz to find out if your boyfriend shares traits with E.T. and other classic aliens.

What kind of relationship does your man have with his mother?
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He speaks fondly of his mom but rarely sees her

He phones home regularly

He doesn’t have any contact with his family

He visits his mom often

Don’t know, because he never talks about his family

What is your boyfriend’s favorite food?
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Nothing. He never eats, but sometimes you catch him staring at you with hunger in his eyes.

Healthy meals (like grilled chicken with steamed veggies)

Whatever he can get his hands on

Candy bars (like Reese’s Pieces)

Exotic meats (like wild game)

Which of these terms best describes your boyfriend?
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How does he typically spend a Saturday afternoon?
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Cooking a feast in your kitchen

Hanging out with you and your family

Playing video games at home

Volunteering at a local charity

Working on a secret project in his home office

What is his favorite hobby?
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Watching TV

Fixing up an old car

Disappearing for hours at a time with no explanation

What is your boyfriend’s most annoying trait?
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He is very secretive about his past, and you suspect he’s hiding something

He cares too much about how others view him

He borrows (and breaks) things without asking

He never wants to leave the house

He’s prim and proper

What does your man typically wear around the house?
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Nothing. He’s comfortable in the nude.

Zip-up hoodie

Spandex running pants


Gun belt

What is your man like in the bedroom?
8 of 10 questions

He’s inexperienced and fumbling

He likes it when you take control

He’s a considerate, gentle partner

He’s too preoccupied with work to initiate sex

He’s like a wild animal in the sack

How would you describe your boyfriend’s physical appearance?
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He’s got some unusual features, but it’s the personality that counts

Incredibly hairy

Like a Greek god

Short and stout

Tall and lean

What is most important to your boyfriend?
10 of 10 questions

Spending quality time with family

Living life to the fullest

Becoming the most powerful person in the world

Ending prejudice and racism

Helping others