Get answers about how you relate to your loved ones.

Do You Wear the Pants in Your Relationship?

by Beth Turner

Whether you're dating, married, or somewhere in between, every relationship has one person who is more in charge. Is it you? Take our quiz to find out.

On date night, you want to go see the latest chick flick, but your man wants to see a superhero movie you could care less about. So you:
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Go see the chick flick, obviously

See the superhero movie, unfortunately

Have a coin toss and leave it up to chance

You've been dropping hints for months that you'd love, love, love to have a surprise party for your birthday. When your birthday arrives, he:
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Buys you some perfume and gives you flowers. Look, he's just not the surprise-party-planning kind of guy.

Surprises you with a romantic dinner for two, but not a full-blown celebration.

Throws you a huge surprise bash that includes all of your friends, colleagues and co-workers. Best. Night. Ever.

Your bestie from work is having a fancy cocktail party on Saturday night. Your guy's cousin has organized the annual family pub crawl the same day. What do you do?
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You go to the pub crawl together in the afternoon, but bail before the evening festivities so you can both hit the cocktail party too.

Your guy bails on the cousins' pub crawl so the two of you can attend the cocktail party. He knows how much it means to you.

Your guy goes to the pub crawl ─ and so do you. He says family is more important than friends, no matter what.

You and your man get into a huge fight over where to go on vacation (you want relaxing beach, he wants rugged camping). You both go to bed angry. When you wake up the next morning:
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You find two airline tickets to the Bahamas sitting on the breakfast table. He booked your dream trip – nice!

You agree together that you'll split the trip and go to a destination where you can hit the beach for the first three days, and camp for the second half.

He says that he will be so disappointed in you if you don't branch out and give camping a try. So you feel guilty and decide to go that route this year.

You got a bonus at work ─ free money! ─ so you decide you want to splurge on a Louis Vuitton purse you've been eyeing. You tell this to your man, and he:
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Has a fit and reminds you that you're already in credit card debt, which is true, so you decide to pay off your balance instead.

Agrees with you! He says you should treat yourself, since you worked hard to earn that dough.

Says you should pick yourself up a little something, but it should be more modest than a designer bag, so you can put the rest of the money into savings.

You think your guy looks hot in the white linen pants and chill navy button-down you bought him, but he absolutely hates the outfit. When you head out to a family BBQ together, he:
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Puts on the white pants and button-down because he knows you'll love it

Wears a T-shirt and shorts, which is what he's most comfortable in

Pairs the button-down with some dressier shorts, so at least he's halfway there

Eating meat is not the healthiest lifestyle choice, in your opinion, so you've decided to become a vegetarian. What this means for your man is:
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You won't cook him meat at home for meals, but he can enjoy them when going out to eat.

He's now become a vegetarian too.

Nothing. He loves meat, you don't. It's that simple.

Your guy wants to have sex tonight, since you're heading off for a weekend away with the girls tomorrow, but you're just not in the mood. So you:
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Don't have sex. You're just not feeling it.

Skip sex at night but surprise him in the morning!

Have sex. After all, you won't see him for a few days.

You get a job offer at another company, where the salary is much better. Even though you could really use the money as a couple, you don't want to go because you love the people you work with. Your guy's advice is:
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Take the new job. You need the extra cash, which is the whole reason you're working anyway.

Try to negotiate with your current company to get a raise. You'd like to stay but clearly are worth more than you're making now.

Stay where you are. Money isn't everything.

Your man wants to have the guys over to play poker and watch the game on a Sunday night, but you have an early appointment the next day, so:
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He decides to skip it ─ he'll have them over next time

He organizes a pre-game at your place, but then moves everyone to a bar when it starts to get late

He still has the guys over but says they'll be quiet (yeah, right!)