Get answers about how you relate to your loved ones.

Are You Too Needy?

by Tara Rummell Berson

Have you ever been called “high maintenance?” Take this quiz to find out if you’re more demanding and clingy than you think you are.

You’re at the hair salon and about to make a bold change — something you’ve wanted to do for a while. Before the big chop or dye job, you:
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Get psyched to see the “new you” in the mirror


Immediately wonder what your guy is going to think


Ask your man to come to the salon so he can monitor your transformation

You and your guy don’t have set plans for the weekend, and he decides that he wants to hang out with the boys. When he mentions this to you, you:
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Option A

Are secretly relieved that you are free to do your own thing

Option B

Wonder why he’d choose his friends over you

Option C

Feel lost. Now what are you gonna do?!

Your partner didn’t end his e-mail, text or phone conversation with his usual term of endearment for you. You assume that:
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Option A

He probably has a lot on his mind and just forgot

Option B

There must be a reason and overanalyze his behavior until it drives you insane

Option C

The relationship is doomed

You and your man walk into a social situation that makes you uncomfortable. You:
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Option A

Take a deep breath and mingle

Option B

Hold his hand tightly at first but eventually let him break free

Option C

Stick to him like white on rice

You miss a call on your cell from a number you don’t recognize. You:
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Option A

Figure that if it had been important, the person would have left a message

Option B

Google the number and try to figure out who it was

Option C

Call the person you’re dating (whom you talked to just a few hours ago) and ask if he just called