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Are You a Hot Couple?

by Leigh Camp

So you’re fairly certain you and your guy make a sexy couple — why mince words? You're hot as hell, even! But just how steamy is your relationship, really? Are you mistaking totally smokin' for a middle-grade sizzle? Take our quiz to find out!

Congrats! It's your one-year anniversary. For your big night, you and your guy:
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Check out that new restaurant everyone's been raving about, where you order the most expensive bottle of wine — because it's just that kind of night

Plan a TV marathon night. He microwaves the popcorn and, for once, doesn't burn it!

Steal away to Bermuda on a private jet and immediately get naked

Which text would your guy most likely send you?
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"Honey, we're out of cereal"

"Still thinking about you. Come over!"

"Morning, beautiful! Have a great day :)"

Which place sounds most like your next vacation as a couple?
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Beachside cabin where you'll spend all of your time either lounging on the sand or between the sheets

Aspen ski trip. Racing down slopes really gets that hot competitive energy going!

Day trip to a nearby lake or beach. Please, who has time to spare for a real vacation?

What are your dinner date plans for Saturday night?
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Chicken breast and steamed vegetables at home — it's just so easy to throw things on the George Foreman!

Lakeside picnic for two, complete with a bottle of bubbly

Reservations at a trendy restaurant, followed by a play

What's your guy most likely to do for Valentine's Day?
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Send a dozen roses to your office, complete with the requisite sweet, thoughtful card

Take you on a helicopter ride, where he will declare you the official queen of his heart and himself your love slave

Get you that DVD you mentioned wanting to see a few weeks ago, and that you've actually seen since … but it's the thought that counts, right?

How often do you two do things by candlelight?
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So often that you're probably a fire hazard

Probably once a month or so, you'll light a few to set the mood for dinner

Candles? Aren't those kind of dangerous?

What kinds of things do you do "just because it's Wednesday"?
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Call in sick and book a cheap flight to an impromptu getaway!

Go to work, come home and then snuggle on the couch to watch TV until bedtime

You sometimes meet for lunch — and he surprises you with flowers!

Finish this sentence: "Breakfast in bed is …"
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Every Sunday — and he does the cooking!

A fun idea — if we could keep our hands off each other long enough to make breakfast!

Messy — have you ever tried to clean coffee-stained sheets?

What place does "role play" have in your relationship?
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We have numerous aliases to go along with our dedicated costume closet

Sometimes when we meet at a restaurant, he pretends he’s meeting me for the first time

He regularly pretends he's NOT the guy who finished the last cup of coffee and left his towel on the floor

How do you kiss in public?
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Plenty of tongue and maybe even an inappropriate grab here and there

Closed mouth, IF on the mouth — can't we all agree that PDA is just uncomfortable?

We keep it PG-rated: no all-out make-out sessions, but anyone watching can tell that we're totally into each other!

How did you meet?
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In college. He made sure you both were in the same study group, and a few months later finally worked up the courage to ask you out!

Through a friend of a friend. You kept bumping into each other in the same circles, and then he "happened" to have an extra ticket to a concert for a band he knew you liked.

Online — he sent the most AMAZING pics.

What kind of music do you like to go out dancing to?
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Salsa. You bring down the house!

Go out? You’re more likely to stay in and bop around to one of your playlists.

House club music with a bunch of other couples

When you're on a date with your guy, what kind of footwear do you favor?
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Patent leather, lace-up, four-inch-heeled boots. He likes it when people stare.

Peep-toe high heels: fun and classy!

Comfy shoes: no point in killing yourself for a look

You send your man out to buy you undergarments. When he comes back, he's chosen:
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Flower-printed cotton briefs in the wrong size

A see-through baby doll in bright red — he loves you in that color

Pasties and a lacy, black thong — why cover up any more than absolutely necessary?

You have to travel for work. You and your man stay in touch via:
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Telephone. He likes it when you call him before you head to bed for the night. He says he wants to be the last part of your day!

You'll try to text him if you think about it. Work trips keep you pretty busy, though!

Skype — aren't webcams the best?