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Are You a Fun Mom?

by Leigh Camp

Are you "pretty fun for a grownup" or the type of mom the other kids on the block envy? Take our quiz to find out!

It's a three-day weekend! In celebration of your free Monday, you:
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Finally get the kids to help you mow the yard. That grass was getting out of control.

Bring out the Slip 'N Slide and have a neighborhood kids' block party

Let your kids stay up an hour past bedtime playing Wii on Sunday night

What do you and your kids listen to in the car on the way to school?
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The Disney station on XM radio

NPR — you want them to grow up knowing it's important to keep informed

Whatever music you feel like listening to — the kids are an easygoing bunch!

What do you spend most of your time doing at the park with your kids?
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Getting a workout pushing one on the swing while and the other in the stroller!

Watching them like a hawk. You never know what type of filthy trash they might pick up next, or who could be lurking around!

Sliding down the slide with them. Who says that stuff's just for kids?!

Your son "isn't feeling well" right before school. You know there's a big science test scheduled that day. What do you do?
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Call the school — but also call his bluff and make a trip to the doctor. It's important to get the point across that sick days are not fun days.

Send your kid to school and say that if he still isn't feeling well that afternoon after the test, you'll come and pick him up.

Let him go back to bed. Call in and take the day off work so you can bring him OJ, soup and saltines — whatever he thinks will make him feel better. It's no fun being sick!

You take a family trip to the beach. How do you plan to spend the day after your toes hit the sand?
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Building the tallest sand castle ever with your kid

Sunbathing — once you hit that beach chair, you don’t plan on moving

Jet-Skiing with your kids — you don't want to miss getting out on the water!

It's Saturday. What's for breakfast?
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Cereal — and the kids had better not make a ton of noise pouring the milk.

Pancakes shaped like assorted cute animals. Bunnies are your specialty.

A fast-food breakfast sandwich on the way to the weekend's events and errands. And for you, a coffee. Very black.

Your daughter tells you her phone was taken away at school as punishment for texting during class. She won't get it back unless you pick it up from the principal's office. What's your reaction?
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Pick it up — in a couple of weeks. The wait will give her time to think about why she shouldn't be texting in class.

Buy her a new phone. Problem solved.

Tell her it's gone. There's no way you're picking it up just so that she can lose it again. If she wants, she can get a part-time job and save up for a new one.

What do you usually keep stocked in your pantry?
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Oreos, Cheetos, Pringles, Snickers bars … you know, assorted "snack" items for when the kids get the munchies.

Pretzels, popcorn, granola bars, canned veggies, soups, fruit juice boxes, etc. You like to stock up on high-energy snacks!

With kids around, who has time to keep a pantry stocked? There's probably a loaf of bread and some condiments.

Your son tells you he wants to start a band. He already owns an acoustic guitar he hasn't touched since you bought it for him three Christmases ago. What's your response?
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You buy him an electric guitar and a drum kit, and then tell him to bring his friends to practice in the garage anytime!

You nod and say "That's nice," while secretly hoping he'll lose interest in a couple of weeks

You tell him that if he'd like to start guitar lessons again, he can — but he has to commit to at least six months' worth

It's your kid's 10th birthday. How do you celebrate?
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Ponies, clowns, a bouncy castle … is there someplace where you can get a cotton-candy machine?

Pizza birthday with classroom friends, or anyplace else where you won't have to clean up afterward!

A cake for school and then later a family celebration at home

You're at the grocery store with your kids and you pass the toy aisle. What happens?
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You let them each pick one toy, but end up buying them two each, because you hate watching them struggle to decide on just one.

Walk right by. They know better by now than to even mention toys while in the grocery store.

Explain to them that they can play with all the toys they own at home. When that doesn't work, you tell them that if they stop begging you immediately, you'll think about letting them get a toy the next time you're in the grocery store.

How do you keep your kids entertained on family road trips?
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You've either already had a TV installed in your car, or rig one for the purposes of the trip. They'll be totally absorbed watching movies the whole time.

You play that game where you watch license plates and keep track of all of the different states you see.

You tell them to read their books for English class and make some use of this time!

How often do your kids' friends come over to hang out at your house?
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Not all that often

Nearly every day! You can’t keep them away!

Not too often during the week, but usually on weekends one or two will come by for a bit

What do you pack in your kid's lunch?
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Leftover pizza or chicken fingers, chips, and that fruit drink he likes

A PB&J sandwich, a bag of carrots, and usually a piece of fruit

A big salad and a bottle of water — gotta keep that kid healthy!

Your daughter wants a puppy desperately. She's been hinting at it for months. Her birthday is around the corner. What do you get her?
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A fish. We'll see how well she takes care of that, and possibly graduate from there.

A maltipoo. They're such beautiful little dogs, and it'll be SO much fun to dress one up in those cute miniature dresses and put ribbons in her hair.

A rescue pup! You'll give a good dog a home and make your daughter happy on her birthday at the same time.