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Who's Your "Army Wives" Hubby?

by Lisa Raphael

If you were one of the leading ladies on "Army Wives," find out what Fort Marshall man would make your perfect significant other.

When it comes to guys, what is your type?
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A sexy, smart guy!

Spontaneous and passionate.

The strong and silent type!

A sweet, sensitive type.

A responsible family man.

No one's perfect - what could your guy work on?
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Being more spontaneous... in the bedroom!

Ignoring his wandering eye.

Not making me choose between me and my job.

Honestly, he could be a bit more mature!

Making more time for me and our family.

As for physical attraction, what gets your blood pumpin'?
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A tall, thin model type!

A pair of kind eyes.

Chiseled features and a strong jawline.

Tall, dark and handsome!

A blonde-haired, blue-eyed hunk!

It's Halloween! What are you and your man dressing up as together?
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Hugh Hefner and a Playboy bunny.

"Hawkeye" Pierce and "Hot Lips" Houlihan from "M*A*S*H"

Tarzan and Jane

A flower and a bee!

A "famous" couple like the Obamas or Sonny and Cher.

You and your man are apart for awhile - what romantic gesture makes you swoon?
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He sets up a surprise, special day for me and the kids to enjoy.

He writes me a long love letter and sends a book of his favorite poetry.

He sends me a funny-but-sentimental video to make me laugh... and cry!

He sets up a sexy Skype date for me, a candlelit bubblebath and him!

He totally surprises me with a visit before he's due home.

In your ideal relationship, who wears the pants?
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He thinks he wears the pants, but in the end it's me.

My partner wears the pants.

I usually do... but I'm trying to learn to share them!

We happily share pants-wearing duty!

I do and we both know it ;)

He loves you for you! What is the silly/embarrassing/dorky thing that he doesn't love ya any less for?
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That one... or 100th time I got a little too tipsy...

That time that I spilled the beans on a big secret.

My crazy teens/20s!

My lack of dance moves!

My guy thinks I'm perfect!

Date night! What is your guy wearing?
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A designer shirt, blazer and jeans.

Well, I do loooove a man in uniform...

Something casual like jeans and a tee.

Something on the trendy side, and a little tight to show off his hot bod!

A nice suit or polo shirt and khakis depending on the event.

You and your dream guy just went on your first date - does he wait three days to call you again?
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Three days? Try a week! But he's worth the wait (and has a demanding job)!

He sent a really sweet email the next night asking me out again. He has a real way with words!

He waited three days, but planned a very special Date #2!

He texted me on his way home to tell me he thought he might be falling for me already!

He showed up at my door the next day with flowers.

When your guy gets to choose what's for dinner, where are you most likely headed off to?
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His favorite steakhouse.

A fun sport bar where you can play air hockey while you wait!

A French bistro or a nice, new restaurant he read a good review of.

He would rather stay in and eat your home cookin'!

Something different like Thai or Spanish food!