Take a fun personality quiz; you just may be surprised at the results!

Which Pet Is for You?

by Leslie Koch

Are you destined to be a snake charmer or a cat lady? Choosing a pet is a tough decision that depends on your personality, lifestyle and commitment. Take our quiz and find out which pet is right for you!

Fess up: Your real reason for getting a pet is to:
1 of 10 questions

Look cool – you want to show it off to your friends

See what it would be like to have a child

Find a furry best friend

Keep you from feeling lonely

Decorate your home

It’s time to unwind after a long day of work or classes. You:
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Head straight to a social event and don’t return home until late at night

Surf the Web or play video games until it’s time for bed

Knit baby booties for your nieces and nephews

Hit the gym or jog around your neighborhood

Sip a glass of wine, sit on the couch and catch up on your favorite TV shows

Your ideal vacation includes:
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Curling up with a good book

Hiking and camping

Taking a swamp tour

Visiting relatives

Snorkeling or scuba diving

Which word best describes you?
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Social. You’d rather spend time with family and friends than be alone.

Active. You’re always involved in a new club, sport or charity.

Independent. You don’t depend on others for emotional support.

Solitary. You enjoy being alone and aren’t comfortable in social settings.

Caring. You love to nurture others.

What’s your morning routine?
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Prepare an elaborate breakfast from scratch

Check the mousetraps

Wake up a few minutes before work, drag a comb through your hair and run to the office

Push “snooze” several times before forcing yourself out of your comfortable bed

Wake up early to exercise or get some extra work done

What does your living room sofa look like?
6 of 10 questions

Delicate and expensive

Beat-up and stained

Comfy and lived-in

Sleek and modern

Covered with collectible dolls and teddy bears

You’ve agreed to spend the afternoon babysitting your neighbor’s six-year-old daughter, which means:
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Reading a magazine on the couch while she plays with toys

Dressing her up in your makeup and clothes

Handing the kid your TV remote and saying you’ll be back in a few hours

Playing catch with her at the park

Watching Animal Planet documentaries together

Be honest. You imagine your future pet sleeping:
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In its own bed

With you, at the foot of your bed

In a cage

In an aquarium

With you, clinging to your chest

Which of these careers comes closest to your “dream job”?
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Zoo worker

Park ranger

Kindergarten teacher

Romance novelist

Olympic swimmer

Where do you stock up on food?
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At a specialty shop with imported delicacies and exotic fruits

Convenience store

Upscale grocery store

In the woods – you go hunting for your own meat

Walmart or other discount retailer