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Which Fairy-Tale Wedding Destination Is for You?

by Annemarie Dooling

You’ve always wanted a destination wedding. Whether you’re a beach bum or a city girl, there’s a perfect place for you and your chosen one to tie the knot.

You’ve already got the partner of your dreams. Your favorite quality is:
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A keen intelligence

A fantastic sense of humor

Intuition. It’s like you’re mentally connected.

Charming spontaneity

When it’s time to plan, you hope:
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Your friends and family will have lots of advice

That there is no planning. There’s no time like the present.

That it’ll be swift and painless

To find a planner who understands what you really want

Your dream invitations have:
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Flowers, flowers everywhere! The brighter, the better.

Beautiful photos of your wedding location on a postcard

Chic metallic swirls and engraved lettering

Who needs invitations? Just make a phone call or two!

In a perfect world, your bridesmaids would be:
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Male and female, dressed however they choose

A mix of friends old and new in light, airy sundresses

Friends and family in tea-length gowns with pashminas

Family and your oldest friends in a gorgeous variety of long silk gowns

You’ve always dreamed of floral arrangements that are:
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White or red roses fastened with pearls, lace, and baby’s breath

Covered in glitter. It’s a party, after all.

Abundant with flowers of all colors and sizes

Green and leafy, with wildflowers throughout

Your wedding favors will likely be:
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A box of sweet homemade cookies

A framed photograph from the party so they can always remember the fun

A bottle of red wine

A fresh bouquet of local flowers to dress up their hotel room

Your ultimate menu consists of:
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Foods from all over the world, brought in by friends and family

A five-course meal with a separate hour for a dessert table

Hours and hours of eating from a huge buffet. And drinks for everyone!

A long cocktail hour and some beers and burgers

You’ve just spotted the dress for your wedding. It’s:
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Short and colorful. Who says you have to have a white wedding?

A lace-trimmed, off-white dress that’s classic with modern touches

A strapless white ball gown with beading and an amazing long train

A backless, breezy halter in a pastel color

You’ve got your honeymoon planned already. You’ll be:
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Exploring the local art, music and fashions

Somewhere on a serene beach

Hitting the town and staying up all night!

Buried in a map and guidebook in a faraway land

When you think of your wedding, you focus on:
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A sunset, a kiss and him

Doing whatever it takes to make it happen soon

Kicking the marriage off to a good start with something new

The comfort of having loved ones by your side