Take a fun personality quiz; you just may be surprised at the results!

Which "Drop Dead Diva" Diva Are You?

by Lisa Raphael

Do your friends see you more like sweet, sincere Stacy or sassy, sharp-tongued Teri? If you had your time in the courtroom, would you woo the jury with Kim’s confidence or Jane’s straight-from-the-heart persistence? Take this quiz to find out which of the “Drop Dead Diva” ladies you are most like!

A hottie spots you from across the bar — what is his first thought?
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"Whoa, she is cute!"

"Hmm, she looks like trouble… in the best way possible."

"I could never be man enough for her!"

"She has everyone around her totally captivated."

What is your drink of choice?
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A glass of wine always hits the spot!

Happy Hour special: PBR and a shot of whiskey!

Dirty martini - shaken, not stirred.

Any combo of brightly-hued, fruity liquors topped off with a cherry... or an umbrella.

Your friends and family know you're upset when you…
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...break your diet for some Ben & Jerry's.

...throw yourself into your work 24/7.

...max out your AmEx!

...Tell them - you're not afraid to say what you feel!

What is your go-to date outfit?
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Something fun and definitely brightly-colored. They'll have their eyes on me all night!

High heels, and a devastatingly sexy (and tight...) dress.

Something sexy under my work clothes so I can whip off my blazer and blow 'em away!

Perfect excuse to visit my favorite boutique for a cute little sundress.

What is your guilty pleasure?
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Karaoke — I'm kind of a mic hog!

Cosmo quizzes — way more fun than crossword puzzles.

Chocolate cake... but only when I've been hitting the gym hard.

Tipsy, public makeouts. ::Wince::

Which of these best describes your current job status?
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I may not have a crazy highpower job, but I'm the best at what I do and everyone knows it!

I can be too passionate about my work, but I always make time for my friends and my search for love.

I am kinda between jobs right now - still figuring out what I want to do with my life.

Counting down the days until I'm boss - I'll do whatever it takes to make it to the top!

Which of these sounds like your dream man:
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Successful and smokin' hot with an arsenal of impeccably-tailored suits and access to the company (or better yet HIS company's) jet!

Hip and edgy — a tattooed, musician type who rides a motorcycle and can keep up with me all night long sounds good!

Prince Charming — you know, the kind of stud that stars in Disney movies, is Quarterback of a football team and proposes to me beneath the Eiffel Tower?

Jocks, nerds, surfer boys, guys in bands — as long as they're devoted to me, I love 'em all!

You run to the mall for a quick trip during your lunch break — where do you go?
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Mmm, Fendi or Dolce & Gabbana.

Forever 21 or my mani-pedi place!

The food court to pick up grub... and flirt with the guy at the pretzel stand.

My favorite shoe store(s) and Macy's!

Your BFF comes to you broken-hearted post-breakup! What do you do?
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Go through your little black book to find the perfect guy to cheer her up!

Ugh, tears. This is why I'm friends with mostly men.

Book a girls' only spa weekend pronto.

Take her OUT, feed her some tequila shots and introduce her to a bad idea or two to get her mind off of it!

What is your vision of the perfect wedding?
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A tropical destination wedding with your best friends, family, a gorgeous dress and a hunky groom!

Vegas, baby!

A big, traditional, fairy tale ceremony and the Vera Wang gown of my dreams.

I'm less interested in the wedding than I am in making people jealous with my "New York Times" wedding announcement!