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Which Celeb Mansion Is Your Dream Home?

by Leslie Koch

Do you belong in a Beverly Hills chateau or a secluded island getaway? Find out which celeb mansion is your perfect match by taking this quiz!

If you could swap lives with one of these celebrities, who would you choose?
1 of 10 questions

Kim Kardashian

Martha Stewart

Celine Dion

Angelina Jolie

Katie Holmes

What's your favorite drink?
2 of 10 questions

Local craft beer


Scotch on the rocks

Hot toddy

Cristal champagne

Which of these adjectives best describes your ideal romantic partner?
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Highly respected





Where are you most likely to be on a Saturday night?
4 of 10 questions

Sporting event


Trendy nightclub

Charity event


You arrive at a conference and realize you don't know any of the 200 people in the room. What do you do?
5 of 10 questions

Chat up the band members as soon as they finish a set

Stand at the entrance and greet people as they walk in

Strike up a conversation with another person who is standing alone

Hide in a corner and check the news on your iPhone

Join a group and wow them with your knowledge on the conference topic

Which of these items is your wardrobe staple?
6 of 10 questions

Designer handbag

Fleece pullover

Knit skirt

Pearl necklace


It's a sunny weekend, and you head to the nearest beach. How will you pass the time?
7 of 10 questions

Water skiing


Reading a chick-lit novel

Exploring local restaurants

Checking out the art galleries

Which song best sums up your life?
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"On the Road Again" by Willie Nelson

"You're So Vain" by Carly Simon

"Born to Be Wild" by Steppenwolf

"Uptown Girl" by Billy Joel

"Leave Me Alone" by Michael Jackson

Which of these famous hunks do you find most attractive?
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Bradley Cooper

Derek Jeter

Hugh Jackman

Matthew McConaughey

Michael Douglas

How do you judge success?
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How many people talk about you

How many friends you have

How much money you have

How much you've learned about the world

How many adventures you've gone on