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Which Army Wife Are You?

by Lisa Raphael

Are you sweet like Denise or fiery like Pamela? Take this quiz to find out which "Army Wives" woman you are most like! Visit the Official "Army Wives" Show Site here!

How do you initiate a romantic evening?
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It takes a lot of courage, but a sexy new look and the confidence to go with it will get my man going!

I drop everything so that my guy knows that he has my full attention.

Romantic evenings tend to find me more than I find them!

A favorite meal, great conversation and a nice bottle of wine.

All I have to do is get him alone.

Your first boyfriend was:
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So hot! I am always tempted to look him up on Facebook...

A total mistake... and definitely not a great guy.

So much fun - but SO different from my current relationship.

Long forgotten, along with a lot from my past.

Um... IS my husband!

Which best explains your family-work balance:
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I'm a leader and a decision maker, both at my job and at home.

Family always comes first for me.

My family and work lives are totally separate but I love both!

I work hard and sometimes my job decides what is best for my family.

I love my family, but honestly, my job comes first.

Which of these describes your ideal BFF:
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Someone who balances me out, loves me for me and is always down to throw back a few and gossip after a long day!

Sweet and caring, but who needs me. I'm a bit of a mother hen!

Mature and wise, definitely someone to look up to.

I am often good friends with coworkers and make better friends with men than women.

A sassy gal like me who always tells it like it is!

What is your biggest downfall?
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Sometimes not sticking up for my friend in the heat of the moment.

Speaking before thinking.

I try to make everyone happy and am often left wanting someone to return the favor.

Not always voicing my opinion.

Not being able to ask for help when I need it.

What is your dream job?
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A successful restaurant/bar owner.

A talk show host.

A general or other high-ranking official.

Being a full-time mom — and a doctor!

A judge or politician.

Your perfect Sunday afternoon is:
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Hosting an event or a luncheon. I love throwing together parties!

Doing things around the house and a Skype date with my husband.

A booze-y brunch with friends.


A picnic with my family altogether.

If you were to put on a mood ring at any given time, what color would best describe your usual mood?
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Green... or red-white-and-blue!

A calming blue.

Pretty pink.

A sexy shade of red!

Happy, bright yellow.

Party time! What is your ideal role at a soirée?
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I'll be the social butterfly, helping people mingle and make conversation.

Everyone will be expecting my delicious dip, casserole and dessert recipes!

I'll be mixing up the drinks!

I'm not a huge party person, so I'll sit this one out unless my partner comes with.

I'll be throwing the party! Or at least coming up with the activities and decorations for it...