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What's Your "Witches of East End" Power Source?

by Laura Reineke

When it comes to a witch's education, studying and practice can only get a girl so far. The real power has to come from even deeper inside. Do you draw your strength from gut instinct like Wendy? Are you led in the right direction by your intellect and pragmatism like Ingrid? Or do you burn fiercely bright with passion like Freya? Take this exclusive quiz to find out your "Witches of East End" power source, and check out more exclusive content on myLifetime.com.

You accidentally burn your dinner on the stove. What's your next move?
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Use the remaining ingredients to make something new.

Grab my phone and a take-out menu. Pizza it is!

Pretend it was intentional and eat the food anyway.

Someone close to your heart has betrayed you. What's your first reaction?
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Blinding rage. How DARE they?

I try to look at both sides of the story before passing judgment.

Hurt, embarrassment, offense. I take things very personally.

Under what circumstances would you pull an all-nighter?
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To finish a really good book.

To watch the sunrise.

To hit every party in town.

Which of the following is the biggest deal-breaker on a first date?
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A lack of physical attraction.

An awkward feeling about your date.

Boring conversation.

Which piece of furniture best matches your personality?
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A desk.

A kitchen table.

A rocking chair.

What kind of pet most appeals to you?
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Snakes. They're cool and a little scary.

Dogs. They're loyal and affectionate.

Cats. They're independent and intelligent.

If you were a social networking site, you'd be...
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Everyone knows you're a force of nature. The question is, which kind are you specifically?
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I'm a snowstorm, cold and quietly powerful.

I'm an earthquake. My strength comes from deep within.

I'm a tornado. Everything around me gets sucked into my orbit.