Take a fun personality quiz; you just may be surprised at the results!

What’s Your Super Power?

by Tara Rummell Berson

There’s a superhero living inside all of us. C’mon — we need special powers just to deal with life! Take our quiz to see what your “other-worldly” talent is.

Out of the following jobs, which one do you think you could do best — maybe even rock?
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You’re at the mall. Which type of store are you drawn to first?
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Sporting goods


Any bookstore

New Age-y (think candles and crystals)

What reality show is a perfect match for your talents?
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"The Apprentice"

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"


"Ghost Hunters"

Which of the following describes you best?
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You’re a good judge of character

You can run a 5K and still have enough energy to hit the gym afterward

You’re a trivia whiz

You can fix a sore neck or a bruised ego

Your closest friend would agree with which of the following statements?
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You don’t take crap from anyone

You’re often lost in your own thoughts

You’re empathetic

You’re intuitive and can connect easily with people

When you face a troubling situation, you:
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Analyze it — logic will guide you

Turn inward and meditate to find a solution

Focus on the desired outcome — and will a positive result!

Muscle through it

You have spare time to play, so you:
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Help a friend sort out her life

Google answers to stuff you don’t know

Work up a sweat … somewhere

Win a card game

If you could be a contestant on any of the following game shows, which one would be a guaranteed win for you?
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"$25,000 Pyramid"

"American Gladiators"

"Family Feud"


If you could take a day trip anywhere, which of the following places would it be?
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The Smithsonian. Museums really get your mental juices flowing!

Vegas! You’re always one step ahead of the other players.

The Adirondacks. You love the challenge of a good hike!

The Grand Canyon. You love the tranquility.

You just witnessed a bike accident and one rider looks pretty badly hurt. What do you do?
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Move the biker to a safe place and get help

Apply first aid

Talk to the injured person and get the name of a friend or family member to call

Dial 911