Take a fun personality quiz; you just may be surprised at the results!

What’s Your Greek Goddess Personality?

by Tara Rummell Berson

We’re all modern-day goddesses, of course, but which one would you have been in ancient times? Find out which deity rules your personality!

Pick the adjectives that best describe your temperament:
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Independent and self-motivated — a real go-getter!

Outgoing and charming, with the gift of gab

Shy, mild-mannered and super private — it’s almost like you’re in the CIA

Introverted yet independent — no one had better cross you!

How do you react when one of your friends does something that you don’t particularly approve of?
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You don’t speak up about how you feel

Whatever — you don’t have the time or energy to deal with her drama

You try to see both sides of the story

You criticize her actions; you can be a little judgmental

What best describes your behavior when it comes to love?
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For you, falling head over heels for that special someone is the best feeling

You’re passionate but don’t feel the need to express your feelings all the time

You approach relationships with eyes wide open; you don’t let emotions take over

It takes a while to get to know you, because you don’t trust easily

If you could choose any type of job, regardless of income, which of the following positions would interest you the most?
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Nonprofit executive

Media or public relations professional



We all are gifted in one way or another. What do you think is your special talent?
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You’re strong as an ox!

You’re a superb lover

You’re very spiritual

You’re a great athlete

Which of the following activities makes you feel most comfortable and happy?
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Reading a book at home

Getting a massage

Checking out a new art exhibit

Running in the park

Which of the following do you value most in your life?
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How would you describe your relationship with other women?
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Your girlfriends are like sisters to you

You have fun dishing with the girls

You don’t have many close female friends, but you have lots of platonic male ones!

You’d rather be alone than hang out with other women (unless you really think alike!)

You’re throwing a dinner party. Which of the following are you most concerned about?
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Whether there’s enough to eat and drink

Conversation topics — will your guests feel intellectually stimulated, or will they be bored?

The ambience — you want everyone to let their guard down and have a good time

Someone smoking in your home — that would just gross you out

If you could live anywhere, what type of place would it be?
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Anywhere that enriches you — if the town has a cultural center, you’re good to go!

Somewhere bustling — you love loud noises and people all around you

Anywhere that gives you enough privacy to go about your business in peace

Out in the boonies — you love the countryside!