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What Holiday Cookie Are You?

by Amy Zerello

Want to know which seasonal sweet fits your personality? Go ahead — indulge your curiosity!

Your favorite part of the holidays is:
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Celebrating the season’s spirit and spending time with family

Decking the halls — even your placeholders match

Spoiling your kids and loved ones with special gifts and surprises

December 26, when you won’t have anything to do but relax

When it comes to sharing good tidings, you:
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Send out a personalized postcard every year to family and friends

Purchase greeting cards and mail them with just days to spare

Spend way too much time in the card aisle hunting down the funniest greeting cards

Don’t spend too much time card shopping — you prefer to pass along cheer in person

What holiday program on TV will keep you from clicking your remote to change the channel?
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"A Christmas Carol" or "Miracle on 34th Street"

"National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation" or "Bad Santa"

"Frosty the Snowman" or "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"

"Elf" or "Home Alone"

When you put together your shopping list, you:
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Look up everyone’s wish lists online and monitor their status updates for hints

Call to ask everyone what they want

Run through the store aisles for ideas and call your loved ones for suggestions

Consider carefully who you need to shop for and how much you can spend

How would you describe your most cherished holiday decorations?
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Full of memories — the wear and tear represents family history

Festive and flashy — the bigger and brighter, the better

Basic — a tree or menorah is all that’s needed to symbolize the season

Easy — you don’t want to worry about fussing over an elaborate display

You’re invited to a holiday party, so obviously you:
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Fret over what to wear and try to find the best grab-bag gift

Think of all the other things on your to-do list and decline the invite

Head online to find the best-looking treat to bake and bring

Wait till moments before the RSVP date to call and say you’ll be there

Those holiday commercials that advertise new cars as gifts are simply:
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As a kid, the best part of the holidays was always:
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Unwrapping gifts

Helping out in the kitchen

Hanging out and laughing with the family

The break from school

You start making your New Year’s plans:
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Months ahead, after deciding you'll definitely be staying in

After Christmas — you don’t like to commit too early

After phoning your family to see how they’ll be celebrating

The year before, once you’ve decided how many guests you’re inviting over