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How Adventurous Are You?

by Kenrya Rankin Naasel

Are you a risk taker, or do you like to play it safe? Take this quiz to see how your adventurous streak stacks up to your favorite celebs!

It’s time for your annual vacay. You:
1 of 10 questions

Book a hotel on the beach you’ve visited the last four years

Ask your friends for suggestions

Throw a dart at a map and pack a bag

Your BFF and her hubby are coming over for dinner. You make:
2 of 10 questions

A new salmon recipe you found online

Your own improvised version of that amazing noodle dish you had last week

Lasagna — they love it every time you make it

Your eye makeup look isn’t compete without:
3 of 10 questions

False lashes — the more feathery, the better

The perfect nude shadow

A wash of color to make your eyes pop

You’re going on a first date with that guy your sister set you up with. You suggest:
4 of 10 questions

Dinner at your favorite restaurant — even if he sucks, you’ll love your meal

That he plan everything

A walk in the park — maybe you’ll stumble upon something amazing to do

It’s the night of your birthday dinner party, and you need the perfect outfit. You go with:
5 of 10 questions

A showstopping gold, sequined minidress you saw a starlet wearing on the red carpet

Your trusty LBD — it has never failed you

A fab frock you found after a day of shopping

Your home is overdue for a paint job. You:
6 of 10 questions

Pick a different bold color for each room

Use gorgeous shades of blue throughout

Take a month to decide between the vanilla and the off-white

You’re 11 again, and your family is at an amusement park. You make a beeline for the:
7 of 10 questions

Bumper cars

Ferris wheel

Biggest, baddest roller coaster in the place

Your favorite shoes are:
8 of 10 questions

Black pumps that take you from day to night

Your cozy tan Uggs

Red and sky-high

Your boss called a meeting to ask for ideas to grow the company. You:
9 of 10 questions

Vow to shoot her an e-mail by the end of the week

Walk her back to her office and pitch the ideas you brainstormed while she was talking

Figure someone else will give her a million — dollar idea-your plate is already too full

Ooh, there’s a new branch of your favorite ice cream shop! You:
10 of 10 questions

Run in for a scoop of vanilla — simple is best

Taste a few flavors, but go with your old standby, mint chocolate chip

Ask the dude behind the counter to surprise you