Take a fun personality quiz; you just may be surprised at the results!

Do You Rub People the Wrong Way?

by Tara Rummell Berson

We all do something that annoys people. But there’s a difference between being kind of annoying and irritating others so intensely that the thought of being near you makes them cringe! Are you a difficult person to be around? Take this quiz and find out.

You and your friends are gossiping and laughing until the conversation suddenly takes a turn towards a controversial topic (which may be a super-sensitive issue with one of the people in the group). How would you present your opinion?
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Insist that your point of view is right, so you should just end the discussion

Try to see both sides of the situation and make a somewhat informed comment

Make a few jokes, but never really give an opinion

Interrupt when others are talking and tell them everything you think about the subject

Your mother asks for your advice on the best kind of fitness regime for her lifestyle (which is actually pretty sedentary). You:
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Give her some thoughts off the top of your head

Think carefully before answering — it could be a trick question!

Roll your eyes, giggle, and then tell her about your success with the South Beach Diet

Flat-out laugh and tell her that she’s too old to be worried about her appearance

While standing at the water cooler, your colleague whispers that she needs a huge favor. She confides that she has to go for a simple yet embarrassing medical procedure and needs you to cover for her. How do you handle this?
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You tell her that you’re a lousy liar and she should find someone else to cover for her

You tell her that it’s no problem — but she owes you

You tell her yes and then start blabbing to all of your colleagues about why she’s out of the office

You’re so busy thinking about what this weird medical procedure is that you walk away before giving her an answer

You’re at the supermarket and see a few of your neighborhood acquaintances chatting in the Produce section. As you approach them, you notice that they:
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Welcome you with open arms and even tell you that there’s a fabulous sale on blueberries

Disband before you even join them

Say hello politely, but continue with their conversation without really including you

Wrap up the conversation before you can even make it over to greet them

A friend is in from London, so you and your friends go out for dinner. You’re watching your wallet, but everyone else is ordering whatever their hearts desire. When the bill comes, and your friends decide to split it evenly. You:
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Complain that your dinner was the cheapest but pay up anyway

Take a deep breath and suck it up; you should have figured this would happen

Joke that your friends are a bunch of lushes and that you’re not going to support their habit by paying for their drinks

Make a point of telling everyone that you have a budget to maintain, so you can only pay for exactly what you ordered

You're supposed to meet a friend for Zumba. It's your first time taking the class, so you're a little nervous. The class is about to start, and your gym partner is nowhere to be found. She shows up very late. What do you say to her?
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“You should have called if you were going to be late.” And then give her the cold shoulder.

“Nice of you to show up. Way to be responsible.”

“Why were you late? Is everything OK?”

“You knew I was worried about taking this class. Why did you sleep in?”

Which best describes your typical behavior at the movie theater?
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You kick back with your Milk Duds and soda, turn off your cell, and get ready to relax and enjoy

You tend to yap the whole time, because it helps you figure out the plot

You always end up getting into an argument with the person sitting behind you — do they have to continuously kick the back of your chair?!

You recently made a major lifestyle change that you’re thrilled about (like you recently lost a ton of weight or made your entire household go green), so you’ve been touting it a lot. How do your friends react when you bring it up?
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It seems like they find a polite way to steer the conversation away from you

They tell you that they’re proud, but they’re not ready to commit to doing anything new right now

They joke that you should change careers and become a motivational speaker

They look at each other, roll their eyes, and pretty much ignore what you’re saying

You’re on your third date with someone who seems into you, so you start to let down your guard. What’s something you might do now that you’re more comfortable?
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Criticize the shirt your date is wearing — it’s so Nineties!

Hem and haw about what you want to do; you hate making decisions!

Ramble on about your day, forgetting to ask about theirs

Tell your date exactly what you’re in the mood to do; you like calling the shots

One of your relatives tells you about a heated argument that went down between two other family members. She didn’t specify that it’s a secret, so you immediately:
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Try to figure out a way to get them to mend things without getting involved

Call another family member to hear their take on the matter — you figure it’s OK to tell someone

Shake your head at their sheer idiocy

Call one of the parties involved to get the lowdown — and then take a side