Take a fun personality quiz; you just may be surprised at the results!


Are You Easily Fooled?

by Kim Messina

Are you the joker or the victim? The prankster or the prankee? Find out by taking our super scientific* quiz.

*Honestly, did you actually believe that we're scientists?! No, but really...

Someone sends you an email that says you’ll have bad luck if you don’t forward it. You:
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Forward it immediately

Delete it

Pass it on when you have time

Fill in the blank: I am ____________ a victim of April Fools' Day.
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Your coworker tells you an over-the-top story about why she’s late for work. You:
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Believe her wholeheartedly

Doubt she's telling the truth, but go along with it

Call her out on her lie

When you hear "Publishers Clearing House," you think:
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Junk mail

They owe me money

What's that?

You're at the beach and someone yells, "Shark!" What do you do?
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Look around

Stay in the water

Run as far away as possible

Are you the first one to get a joke?
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Depends on the joke

How many times have you visited a psychic?
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1-5 times

5 or more times


Be honest: If someone said the word "gullible" was written on the ceiling, you'd:
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Look up immediately

Think about it for a second then look up

Shoot them an evil look

Have you ever pulled a successful prank on someone?
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Please, prank is my middle name

I've gotten away with a few

No, someone always beats me to the punch

Why did the chicken cross the road?
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You’re really asking this?

To get to the other side

I love this joke!