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Are You a Good Roommate?

by Beth Turner

Are you a great person to live with, or are you the roommate from hell? Find out the truth by taking our quiz!

Your roommate left a stack of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink – again. You:
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Leave a note for your roommate asking her to do them when she gets back

Use more dishes and stick them on the bottom of the pile so she can do yours too

Wash them for her – you’d rather not have to look at the mess

Your roommate has an early meeting tomorrow. You’re staying up late to talk to your sister on the phone next to the bedroom, so you:
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Move as far away as possible so she can sleep, even though it’s not the most comfortable spot

Stay in your room, but talk as quietly as possible

Continue with your conversation as you normally would – she can get earplugs!

You love reality TV; your roommate loves documentaries. You’re about to run out of space on your DVR, but both of you have shows you want to record. You:
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Record yours! She can rent a DVD copy of the documentary.

Record hers! You can get your reality TV stuff online just as easily.

Record neither! It wouldn’t be fair for you – or for her – to get your show if the other one can’t.

A container of leftovers has been taking up room in the fridge for weeks. You’re pretty sure which roommate left it there, so you:
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Dump it. It doesn’t matter which roommate left it – it’s bothering you

Take the container and put it on the culprit’s bed. She’ll finally have to deal with it!

Leave a note asking “whoever” owns it to dispose of it

Your name is on the cable bill, and your roommate always forgets to give you money for her half. Next month you’ll:
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Request that she pay you in advance for the next three months

Tell her the bill is due 10 days ahead of when it really is, so neither of you feels pressure

Add a $10 surcharge for your own personal inconvenience – if she’s late, she’s going to pay for it

Your dishwasher is broken – again! – so you:
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Ignore the issue – your roomie never deals with this stuff, so it’s now her turn

Leave a note asking your roommate to call if she has time, but if not, to text you so you can handle

Call the landlord immediately and leave a note telling your roommate you’re on it

You divided up chores for the month, and your roommate has the bathroom. No shock, it’s filthy! You decide to:
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Do a quick wipe-down of the toilet, sink and floor, since it really is that dirty

Hire a cleaning service and make her pay for it entirely

Ask her politely to clean it but if she doesn’t, just grin and bear it – it’s not your turn!

The neighbors who live above your place are so loud at night! It drives you and your roommate crazy, so you decide to:
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Write a nasty note but make your roommate drop it off to them

Go up on your own and politely ask that they keep it down after 10 pm

Call the cops and hope they get a noise citation. Who cares if they retaliate?

You can’t stand the guy your roommate has been dating, and they plan to have a “night in” on the same night that you want to just veg at home! So you:
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Rally and go to a movie with a friend. After all, it’s your roommate’s home too

Fake a fever – tell her you have to stay home and you’ve been really sick all over the house so she’s forced to make an alternate plan

Ask her if you can have the TV for the first half of the night – they can go out to dinner or stay in her room until you’re done watching a movie

One of the reasons you love renting your apartment is that the building is pet-free! One day, your roommate shows up with an adorable kitten. What do you do?
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Absolutely refuse to let that animal stay for even a single night

Tell her that the cat can stay, but if the landlord busts them, you’ll pretend you didn’t know about it

You’re a sucker for cute, furry creatures too, so as long as she takes care of it, you decide not to make a fuss